Spend less and travel more in these countries

Do you know these countries where Indians can travel rich?

We often complain about how expensive it is to travel abroad. With our Rupees, there are some places and things you cannot see or view. This prompted us to highlight certain nations where you might feel rich with the Indian rupee. Our planet is enormous, and there are beautiful locations that will provide you with priceless memories and experiences at costs you never imagined were possible. The moment has come to discover 12 places you may visit without breaking the bank.

Travel spending is expected to be low after the outbreak. Here are some places where the Indian Rupee is stronger, and travel is less expensive if that’s what you’re looking for: low-cost international travel destinations or just places to traverse the world until it ends.

This blog is about the places, and countries Indians can travel to, carrying less money. In other words, low-budgeted travel countries for Indians. 

Costa Rica: 

Costa Rica is an absolute Caribbean fantasy. It has a rich biodiversity. Here, 1 INR=8.15 colon. So everything is within your reach. The shopping and stay are all very reasonable. The beach resorts and the food here are all exciting. 


 Travelling to Vietnam is way cheaper. The cultural diversity, the people, and the stunning scenery make Vietnam one must-travel destination for tourists, especially Indians, even though its currency is much stronger. It is a country with rich history and culture. Here, 1 INR=297.60 Vietnamese Dong, which makes everything affordable. You can enjoy a cruise on Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage site.


 A person earning a living in rupees might plan a vaction to Hungary in the coming years. Both lodging and meals are very affordable. You can reside in a palace designed in the style of the old world. Great spas, excellent wine, amiable people, and still no cracks in your wallet are great things to think about. You must try good spots at an affordable price and the lights on River Danube’s bridges.


Trekking on the lofty, snow-capped mountains, Nepal is the ideal destination for adventure tourism. Nepal has become a trekker’s favourite home to the tallest peak in the world. But do you know travelling to Nepal is cheaper?. Here, 1 INR= 1.6 Nepalese Rupees. So you can pamper yourself with the double amount and enjoy various sports activities here. The shopping and stay are also affordable here. 

Sri Lanka: 

This lovely island has all to offer within the limited range of the Indian rupee. Sri Lanka sure packed a lot of greatness for its size, whether you choose to spend time with the elephants or relax on one of the many beautiful beaches. You will return time and time to its shores because of the mystical caverns and magical ethnicities. In terms of cost, you receive twice as much satisfaction for a third of the price. Here, 1 INR=4.55 Srilankan Rupees. So you can travel at a significantly lower cost to Sri Lanka. 

South Korea: 

Seoul, South Korea’s appealing high-tech capital city, is a must-see, but the country is also well-known for its coastal fishing villages, subtropical islands, and verdant, mountainous countryside filled with cherry trees and centuries-old Buddhist temples. Here, 1 INR= 16.56 Won. 


 Paraguay is a beautiful country with lots of tourist attractions. The land is infused with cultural fusion and biodiversity. You can visit Paraguay like a wealthy man. The friendly attitude of the people also makes the country a better place. Here, 1 INR= 86.90 Paraguayan Guarani. The beautiful places  


 Mongolia is another country where you can travel without any guilt. Here, 1 INR= 29.83 Tugrik. With its vast plains and majestic mountains, this area has the appearance of a place frozen in time. Despite being unique compared to other nations, Mongolia nevertheless exudes its unique appeal. Non- Vegetarian and homestay with nomads are things to try and also very cheap.


 Zimbabwe is a country which offers you the best safaris, food and accommodation at an affordable price. Here, 1 INR= 5.85 ZMD. So you can treat yourself to game options, jungle safaris in their habitat, shopping etc. The food here is unbelievably low priced. 


The area is rich in history and culture and is ideal for people who make Indian rupees. It features the most impressive ruins hidden in the dense and lush forest from a long-gone civilisation. Exploration of this magnificent location is relatively inexpensive. The country provides a visa on arrival. Here, 1 INR= 63.93 Riel. 


Pakistan is a country which can be explored like a wealthy man. Food and stay here are pretty affordable. Here, 1 INR=1.58 Pakistani Rupees. You can experience cheap shopping and stays in Pakistan. You can also visit Chaukhandi Tombs, Khewra Salt Mines and try out some delicious food.


 Belarus has the cheapest public transport structure in Europe. The country has fantastic destinations with beautiful architectural designs. Here, 1 INR= 216 Rubles makes your travel easy and comfortable. You can try the cheapest yet most delicious cuisines in the country. You can also find budget-friendly countries in Belarus.


Iceland is a very popular country, and this country makes you rich. Travelling to such a country with lots of glaciers, lagoons and waterfalls is anyone’s dream. Here, 1 INR=1.87 Icelandic Krona. The stay and food are also cheaper here. Whale watching and playing around the hot spring water field are well-known activities here.


Japan is a developed country, and to our surprise, the India Rupees are higher in value than the Japanese Yen. Here, 1 INR= 1.65 Yen. The nation is full of culture, sushi and cherry blossom. Enjoy the beauty of skyscrapers, street foods and a budget-friendly shopping experience. 


Tanzania is a country with rich biodiversity. There are many different species in the country which are very rare. Most surprisingly, Indians will be rich in Tanzania. It is a travel destination with 1 INR= 33 Shillings. So pampering yourself at a very low budget seems excellent. You can visit many National Parks and eat grilled meat at a very reasonable price. The stay provided here is also very cheap.


Travelling wealthy or travelling with a heavy pocket is simply great. There are many countries to travel to, like a rich person. In these countries, the value of the Indian rupee is way higher. So travelling to these countries makes your travel very affordable. You can make your stays luxurious and eat buffer foods at a very reasonable price. Shopping and strolling through the different streets gives you an exalting experience.

Our planet is so immense and is abundant with umpteen things and sights which are unexplored. So why waiting for? Visit these countries with a heavy wallet.

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