Caring for your loved ones

Guide to Send Money for Emergency Medical Treatment Overseas

Life is uncertain. You may not know when uncertainties fall out. You cannot bring your loved ones from other countries on a fine morning. But you definitely need to search for some reasonable solutions before getting into a panic.

Sending money for medical purposes has now become very easy. You must search for a reputed, authorized service provider who can solve your problem. Even the most recent pandemic recorded a few of these occurrences that were avoided with extreme fortitude.

Instead of rushing around, check here to learn more about the simple solutions that can be applied without difficulty. remitforex by Unimoni Financial Service Ltd. can solve all your queries and help you with your crisis. You can send easily send money to your loved ones for medical purposes through us.

The Documents to be provided while sending money for medical purposes

Documents needed for treatment in a Foreign Country:

  •  A letter from the hospital with the estimated cost

  • Indian Passport Copy

  • PAN card copy

  • Copy of Visa/ Air Ticket

Things to remember while sending money:

  • Always choose an RBI-approved and authorized service operator. Unimoni Financial Service Ltd. is a trusted institution and the first in India to get an authorized dealership Licence II.

  • Take expert support if you are sending money for medical purposes for the first time. This can help you with all the pros and cons. 

  • When sending money overseas, relying on a regulator-recommended, licenced, and verified forex service provider is usually a good idea.

  • Exchange rates are frequently subject to shifting geopolitical conditions and market movements, so you cannot consistently anticipate the same rate. Knowing more about the forex services before using them would be pretty helpful.

Method of sending money abroad for Medical Purposes

Money can be sent abroad mainly in two different ways. They are namely SWIFT transfer and FCDD. 

FCDD: A simple way to transfer funds for international schooling to any other region is using a Foreign Currency Demand Draft (FCDD). Demand draughts, paper instruments, can be delivered to overseas banks to obtain credit through the clearing procedure. Nearly all of the requested currencies can be considered FCDD. This is good for three months after it is issued.

  • Send up to $1 lakh annually using the Liberalized Remittance Scheme under RBI regulations.

  • Spend up to 2.50 lakh dollars on medical care each year.

  • Additional amounts can be remitted by producing documents from the hospital.

SWIFT: Swift Transfer is an electronic means of sending money to be credited to the recipient’s account from abroad. It ensured that the transfer of funds would happen quickly and with complete security.

What is the maximum amount of money transferred for medical purposes?

You can send a maximum amount of 250000$ every year for medical treatment. Additional amounts can be sent with the documents produced by the hospital. 

Eligibility for sending money

Selecting a service provider before sending money is important. Equally important is checking the criteria for sending money abroad. There are some eligibility criteria for sending money abroad.

  • The person must be an Indian Resident

  • The remitting account must be a savings account

  • The transfer amount should not exceed $ 250000/year

  •  If you need to send an additional amount, submit documents from the hospital explaining the costs.


It is never too safe somewhere when illnesses and pandemics are looming everywhere! It is also impossible to bring back all of our loved ones, which dashes their hopes and dreams. But when a critical need arises, you can always be there. The occurrence of a medical emergency throws a wrench in all of our predictions. Whether a person is a student, a professional, or a housewife, diseases almost always affect them. When people are weak, they frequently turn to their families for help.

remitforex by Unimoni Financial Service Ltd. is a reputed institution wherein you can send money to your loved ones for medical purposes. Being the first company to attain the authorized dealership licence II, we provide you with the best service from 300+ branches across India.

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