Guide to Buying Property in Portugal 2023!

Why should foreigners buy property in Portugal?

Portugal is an excellent country for foreigners to buy property. One of the reasons is that there are no restrictions on property ownership for foreigners. Additionally, Portugal is known as one of the most foreigner-friendly countries in Europe when buying real estate. If you’re a non-EU citizen, you can obtain a residence permit through Portugal’s Golden Visa program. This program allows investment in Portuguese property, government bonds, or investment funds. The Golden Visa program is top-rated among wealthy foreigners interested in living in Portugal or owning a second home.

Portugal is an excellent option for foreigners looking for affordable property in a popular European tourist destination. Compared to Spain and Italy, the cost of property in Portugal is relatively lower. It means that one can get good value for their money. Non-residents who own property in Portugal benefit from a favourable tax regime. Residents and non-residents are subject to a flat rate of 28% on their rental income, but several exemptions and deductions are available. Portugal is known for its high quality of life, warm weather, scenic beauty, and friendly people. The country also boasts low crime rates, making it a safe place to live. Retirees, expats, and digital nomads are drawn to Portugal for many reasons, including its sound healthcare system, low cost of living, and thriving economy.

What's the property market like in Portugal?

The demand for properties in Portugal is currently high, resulting in a strong property market with rising prices. House prices in Portugal saw a year-on-year increase of 13.2% in the first quarter of 2023, marking the 21st consecutive quarter of price increases.

Recently, Portugal has seen a surge in foreign investors drawn to the country’s Golden Visa program, favourable tax regime, and reasonably priced properties. With a growing economy and low unemployment, there is a rising demand for housing from Portuguese residents. However, the supply of new housing units in Portugal is limited, increasing prices.

Some of Portugal’s most sought-after areas for buying property include the Algarve, Lisbon, and Porto. The Algarve is a well-known tourist destination with stunning beaches and top-notch golf courses. Lisbon boasts a lively cultural scene. Conversely, Porto is the second largest city in Portugal and is famous for its wine industry and historical architecture.

If you’re looking to buy a property in Portugal, it’s crucial to research and understand the process involved. An excellent real estate agent can help you find the right property within your budget and negotiate on your behalf. Awareness of potential property problems and ensuring the purchase is legally binding is essential. Remember that property prices in Portugal are negotiable, so don’t hesitate to offer below the asking price. By following these tips, you can increase your chances of having a successful purchase experience and make the buying process smoother.

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5 most desirable places in Portugal to buy a house/property

Portugal is a gorgeous country with much to offer, from breathtaking beaches and picturesque villages to lively cities and exceptional cuisine. Additionally, it presents a favourable real estate market with affordable prices and tax advantages for non-residents. If you are contemplating buying a house in Portugal, here are the top five most desirable places you should consider:
1. Algarve

The Algarve region in southern Portugal is famous for its stunning beaches, Mediterranean climate, and world-class golf courses. It’s a highly sought-after tourist destination but also a fantastic place to live all year round. You’ll find many options if you’re looking for properties in the Algarve. There’s something for everyone, from luxurious villas to affordable apartments and townhouses. Additionally, many of the area’s premier golf resorts have properties available for purchase.

2. Lisbon

Lisbon is not only the largest city but also the capital of Portugal. It is a lively and diverse city with a rich history and culture. The town offers many property options, including apartments, townhouses, and houses. Additionally, there are numerous upcoming real estate developments in Lisbon.

3. Porto

Porto is an excellent place to invest in real estate, especially for those looking for affordable prices compared to other major Western European cities. The city is a popular tourist destination and home to a large student population, which creates a high demand for rental properties. This, in turn, makes it a favourable location for buy-to-let investments. Porto is widely regarded as a great place to purchase property and is increasingly popular with homeowners and investors.

4. Comporta

Comporta, situated in southern Portugal, is a beautiful coastal region that boasts unspoiled beaches and natural beauty. It is a favoured destination among affluent Portuguese and foreigners due to its exquisite scenery. Properties in Comporta are relatively expensive compared to other areas of Portugal. However, many properties are available, including villas, apartments, and townhouses, catering to different preferences.

5. Silver Coast

The Silver Coast is a central region in Portugal that boasts of long sandy beaches, dramatic cliffs, and picturesque villages. It is a popular tourist destination and an excellent place to live all year round. The properties on the Silver Coast are usually more affordable than in other parts of Portugal. Various properties are available, including apartments, houses, and townhouses.

Where can I find the most affordable location to purchase real estate in Portugal?

Portugal is a stunning country with much to offer, from picturesque beaches and charming villages to lively cities and excellent cuisine. Furthermore, it boasts a favourable tax regime for non-residents and a relatively affordable property market, making it an ideal location for buyers.

If you’re on a budget and looking for the most affordable region to purchase property in Portugal, you’ll have to explore the inland areas. The world-renowned tourist destinations, such as Lisbon and Algarve, are relatively expensive. Nonetheless, many exquisite and budget-friendly places to purchase property in the Portuguese interior exist.

Here are some of the cheapest regions to buy property in Portugal:

Alentejo is a vast region in southern Portugal known for its hills, sprawling vineyards, and bountiful olive groves. It is also one of the cheapest regions in Portugal to buy property.

Central Portugal region, located in the heart of Portugal, is renowned for its lovely villages, historic castles, and verdant forests, making it an ideal choice for budget-friendly property buyers.

Northern Portugal is known for its stunning coastline, lush valleys, and charming villages, making it an ideal destination for those seeking an authentic Portuguese experience.

There are several affordable towns and villages in Portugal where you can find inexpensive properties. Some of these places include Penedono, Penamacor, Nisa, Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo, Góis, Belmonte, Carregal do Sal, Tondela, Arganil, Fronteira, and Vouzela. The prices of properties in different towns and villages in Portugal may vary depending on their type and location. However, you are expected to find apartments and houses sold for less than €1,000 per square meter.

It’s important to note that the cheapest properties in Portugal are usually situated in rural areas with limited amenities. Nevertheless, if you’re searching for a peaceful and affordable place to reside in Portugal, these regions are an excellent option.

Are there any Restrictions on buying property in Portugal?

There are no specific restrictions in Portugal that prohibit Indians from buying property. However, all foreigners, including Indians, must be aware of certain limitations. No foreigners can purchase property in strategically necessary areas, such as those surrounding military bases and airports. Additionally, foreigners are prohibited from buying property in regions designated as natural parks or protected areas. Furthermore, foreigners can’t purchase property less than 100 meters from the coastline.

In addition to these restrictions, there may also be local restrictions on property ownership in certain areas. For example, some municipalities may have a limit on the number of properties that foreigners can own.

It is important to note that these restrictions are subject to change, so it is always best to check with the Portuguese government or a qualified real estate agent before buying property in Portugal.

Tips for Indians buying property in Portugal

If you are an Indian planning to buy property in Portugal, you should keep a few things in mind:

  1. You must obtain an NIF, a tax identification number in Portugal required to open a bank account and purchase a property.
  2. Collaborate with a trusted and certified real estate agent to guide you through the legality of purchasing a property in Portugal.
  3. It is essential to research thoroughly and understand the local market before making any purchase.
  4. A qualified surveyor should inspect the property to ensure it is in good condition and meets your requirements before finalizing the purchase.

Portugal has a lot of attractive locations for people interested in buying property. Whether you want a beachside villa, a city apartment, or a charming cottage in the countryside, Portugal has the perfect property. Considering your requirements and financial limitations before selecting a property in Portugal is essential. It would help if you also thought about the lifestyle you want to lead. If you plan to retire, you may prefer a quieter location with a lower cost of living. If you’re raising a family, consider an area with good schools and amenities.

When purchasing property in Portugal, being aware of the restrictions for foreigners is essential. Following these tips can increase your chances of a successful purchase.

Whatever your needs, Portugal has a property that will meet them.

Buy Property in Portugal and start investing!

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