Getting a part-time job while you study

How to earn money while studying abroad

Cost-effective or budget-friendly studies abroad are anyone’s dream. It is a fun-filled experience studying at a foreign university and making friends from different parts of the world. You come into contact with various cultures and languages.

However, all these require a lot of money. Pursuing your studies at a Foreign university is not that cheap. Not only do the tuition fees matter, but also the living expenses. But these reasons will not take you back from your intentions to study abroad. 

You can take several jobs while you study abroad. Many universities provide the facility of working part-time to meet student expenses. This blog is about getting a job while pursuing your studies abroad.

Some of the jobs you can take while you study:


This allows you to work according to your time. It enables you to work around your schedule while also assisting you in gaining some practical work experience before you graduate. Students can find several online jobs which can pay well. Content writing, image editing, video editing etc. are different forms of it. Check out the local rules for working for yourself before you start, as they can vary from country to country. Get yourself a platform first before starting the work so that you get connected to the freelancers. 


Depending on your educational background and study area, tutoring other students is one of the most efficient ways to make money. An intelligent method to use your English and other academic skills are to assist other students with difficulty with their challenging courses. You can advise and assist students in their SAT preparation if you have a respectable SAT score.

Content Creator: 

Students can earn pretty well by writing content for different websites and institutions. Online and offline content creation can be done to earn part-time. 


 Consider looking for a babysitting position if you like spending time with children. Babysitting often offers flexibility and good money. Additionally, you’ll establish a relationship with a family and learn more about the language and culture of your host nation. Search the employment board at your college for babysitting positions. As an alternative, check for regional websites that link families and babysitters.

Part-time Jobs:

Many nations forbid international students from working, while others only allow them to try part-time employment. Although working a part-time job and managing it while balancing your studies can be challenging, if you want international experience, you may need to work a few hours per week. Determine how many hours per week you could add by calculating your willingness to do so, then choose part-time work.

Work on campus:

The institution may provide on-campus jobs if you study abroad through a university rather than an outside programme. Eligible students can work on campus. Perhaps the study abroad office for any enquiry and the same will even arrange for you to have a job on campus before you come.

Organize sales:

 Try your hand at baking and other sweets making if you are good enough. Some common part-time jobs include organizing student parties, managing events, catering, etc. Find your areas of interest and talent, and use them. You can set up a booth and sell your goods, offer to plan student parties or cook events for them, get the rights to a movie and hold your private screening, or organize a performance. Make sure you are not trespassing or breaking any of the country’s laws, rules, or ordinances.


There are many paid internship programs that can help you cope with your expenses. Along with seasonal employment, you might look for internships in the summer at reputable businesses. Internships are a great opportunity to develop real-world skills and experience, and most offer money. Even if the pay could be modest, the experience you’ll get will be helpful when you’re looking for work in the future. Internships can be both in big and small companies. It can be for the short term as well as the long time.

Wait Tables: 

Some student visas permit part-time employment. If yours does, search for jobs in a café or restaurant. You’ll quickly become fluent in the language of your host country in the hectic environment of the food services industry. 

Create your travel blog: 

Although there are many travel blogs for students studying abroad, most of them are more intimate than academic. If you’re serious about it, seek a means to monetize your blog, fill a niche, and create unique content. Of course, you’ll have to post consistently, which can be challenging if you’re a full-time student. Additionally, it can take blogs up to a year to start making money.

Help with analysis of research work:

Professors are prepared to pay students fair amounts of money for knowledge entry work and other challenging tasks associated with research and analysis. But ensure you understand the difference between helping someone with their study and providing dissertation content for someone else. 

Work on vacations:

You’ll be able to work seasonal jobs or internships over the summers while you’re studying abroad to supplement your income. Today, there are several options than ever for people to pursue employment because of the growth of social networking. You can hunt for seasonal jobs at eateries, employment agencies, or summer camps, as they require personnel during the summer.


A good number of students from India study abroad. It is a rewarding experience in one’s life. However, if you have to pay for your study abroad fees, you’ll need to consider a means of support for the duration of your trip. You can work part-time while studying abroad even if you don’t. However, finding a job on campus is preferable to working off campus. 

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