Meeting new friends while studying abroad.

How to make new friends while you are studying abroad

What is challenging about going abroad for studies?

In simple words, making new friends and developing new relations are quite challenging while studying abroad. At the same time, getting your studies done abroad is also perfect for pursuing a brand new carrier. 

A foreign country is all a blend of different languages and cultures. 

Meeting new people and going well with them is building your character in a foreign country. You will have a chance to meet new people and explore new cities. 

This blog is all about the ways and tips to make new friends circle.

Stay open-minded:

Meeting people is relatively easy but maintaining a relationship with them is challenging. Even with a packed classroom, loneliness might still exist. Never be ashamed to be wholly and genuinely oneself. People want to know you for who you are, so be open about your background and experiences. Talk to them in whichever language you can also make it a habit. Start the conversation yourself. Be patient and remain calm while they speak.

Make use of the student houses: 

Always use the student houses, if possible. This helps you build good relationships with people from different cultures and languages. There is a ton of friendships waiting to start in student living. You have many chances to meet someone cute: you can wash your clothes in the laundry room, look through brochures in the lobby, or wait for the elevator. Distance will never matter because you reside just a few steps from these people. All these activities give you a relationship with the people you live with. A friend in need is always a friend indeed!

Find a roommate:

Finding a roommate or roommates in a foreign country will always be very useful. You can choose a room with one or two roommates or a dorm with many. Plan some weekly routines as you get to know your housemates to help everyone feel at home, like having dinner together every Sunday. Another option is organizing cultural gatherings like international potlucks, where guests bring food from their home country to share. You’ll have the chance to socialize with your roommates and friends, and eventually, you’ll realize that making friends abroad is not a challenge. 

Organize plans to explore the new country: 

It’s important to take full advantage of your new study abroad location. So plan some day trips with your new buddies to visit the sites, sample the cuisine, and enjoy the nightlife. Always include the local students in the country, as they can direct you to affordable destinations and restaurants. Most of them will be happy to assist you in showing their country. 

Join a society: 

Join as many clubs and groups in the college. This can help in learning new languages and cultures and new friends. It is also a chance to make new friends who are in the same situation as you and there can be something common with the people you meet. So, join any club like sports, arts, swimming etc. while in college. This can ensure participation in many meetups and creates a thick bonding between them.

Participate in events:

 Participate in as many events and fairs as possible. Join in the friendship groups and travel with them to create a bond. Use the first 3 weeks of your university as you can have many orientation and motivation classes. 

Get many friends as you can:

 It’s fantastic if you form a close-knit group of pals while attending college. However, you should make an effort to create a few social circles in all facets of your student life, including those in your class, the clubs you join, and your residence. This ensures you’ll never be bored and always have someone to call if you need company. 

Be active in social media: 

Don’t be hesitant and shy when contacting your new students and peers on social media. It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn what other people are doing and get involved! You can learn people’s names and keep track of upcoming activities on university Facebook and Twitter pages, ensuring you have time in your (now very hectic) calendar. 

Search for your tribal group: 

Attend local religious services if you are religious. Due to shared beliefs and ideals, church groups can be a terrific place to meet individuals and establish a second family. 

Throw a party: 

Organize a party if you want to unite a large group. Organize an affordable party with food and drinks if it is allowed in your accommodation. It is one of the best ways to develop bonding and relationships. 

Spend less time in your accommodation: 

Explore the world as much as possible. Make new friends, eat with them and shop with them. Go to events and meetings held on your campus. Spend time in your library and canteen, which is the best way to make friends. Try teaming up with the local students rather than the international ones. It not only allows learning the language but also exploring the country.

Attend an orientation camp: 

Student orientation, commonly known as the freshers’ fair, is a gathering sponsored by your study abroad university to introduce you to local culture and make new friends. Everyone is in the same situation because they are new to the programme, school, and the nation. For this reason alone, orientation is a perfect place to meet people from other countries. Everyone will enjoy a pleasant greeting from a fellow international student since nobody knows each other. Attending orientation, even though it’s optional, will provide you with the opportunity to meet new friends before they form a friend group.

Leave your door open: 

Leave the door to your student housing to make it simple for visitors to come in. If your room appears friendly, people will be more likely to drop by and say hello. You may get a new neighbour or a new friend. You can speak to them over a cup of coffee and something to munch on.

Be brave: 

Keep your comfort zone apart, put yourself in a start and begin your work. Try every sort of thing allowed in the university like dancing, events, fares, swimming, yoga, windsurfing etc., from which you can get the maximum exposure. Be brave in every aspect of your life; with full participation in every program, you may gain a lot of friends.


Pursuing your studies abroad with a group of best friends takes your education to the next level. To overcome your homesickness, this is the best way.

Not all will be ready to accept a foreign culture and living style. Building relations and friendships in one’s life is a worthwhile investment. Taking effort and actively participating in every program is blending your culture with other cultures. These friends can be lifelong. Relationships and bonding with the local students will also help your studies and future careers.

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