Overcome Canada Immigration Delays ,Essential Steps To Take

Canada is currently experiencing a significant backlog issue in its immigration system. The reasons may be the COVID-19 pandemic, staffing shortages, high demand, and outdated technology. To immigrate, work or study in Canada, individuals must submit their applications to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). IRCC provides estimated processing times for each application, which may differ depending on the case. While waiting for updates on an application, several possible options are available.

When does my processing time start?

The processing time for your application commences on the day IRCC receives your complete application. It will continue until they make a final decision. In the case of a mailed application, the processing will begin when your application arrives at their mailroom. If you apply online or in person, the processing will begin when you submit your application.

Check processing times

The processing times for Canada visas indicate the typical time it took to process most applications for each type of application in the past. However, these numbers are subject to change as they process more applications and clear their inventories.

For example,

  • If you are looking for economic immigration for skilled workers, the usual processing time will be 7 months.

  • If you apply for a Citizenship/citizenship grant, the usual processing time will be 19 months.

  • If you are applying for PR for the first time or renewing it, the usual processing time will be 28 days and 95 days, respectively.

Client Application Status (CAS) tool

  • Client Application Status (CAS) is a service provided by IRCC to view the status of your application online securely. It’s updated daily. But sometimes, especially while facing delays, you may not be able to see your case status in the CAS tool.

Reasons are:

1. They haven’t started processing your application.

Please note that your application status will only become visible after they begin processing it. Please remember that there may be a delay between the date they receive your application and the date they open and process it.

2. The tool may not support your application type.

The CAS tool may not be able to detect all types of applications. Therefore, it might be necessary to verify your application status using an alternative method.

  • If you submitted your application for an electronic travel authorization (eTA) online through the secure IRCC account, you can check your status by signing in to your account.

  • You can also track the status using the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) Status tool.

  • If you have submitted a paper application, linking it to your online account is possible.

If you have applied to sponsor a spouse, partner, or dependent children for any program under Express Entry (EE), such as Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Workers Program, or Federal Skilled Trades Program, make use of the application status tracker. This tracker is available to representatives, designated persons, and principal applicants.

3. You entered the wrong personal information.

If you provide incorrect personal information on your immigration application, it can cause delays and even result in your application being rejected. Therefore, providing accurate and current information is essential when submitting your immigration application. If you need to make corrections, the immigration authorities may require you to submit a formal request or an amendment form with the correct information. Please follow their instructions carefully and include any necessary documents to support the corrections.

4. There is a temporary technical issue.

If system maintenance is happening, you may be unable to access online services. To address this, contact the immigration authorities or the department handling your application. Tell them about the technical problem you’re experiencing and ask for guidance on the next steps. They can tell you whether the issue only affects your application or is more widespread. If the immigration authorities give you specific instructions or alternative ways to submit your application or fix the technical problem, follow them promptly.

5. You’re using a web browser they don’t support.

Try using

  • Edge

  • Firefox

  • Safari

  • Chrome

6. Other reasons:

  • Your medical screening takes longer than usual

  • You communicate with them by mail instead of using an online account

  • You don’t respond to their requests for information quickly

  • High numbers of applications

To help avoid delays:

  • Review the application guide for your immigration category and adhere to the instructions.

  • Correctly fill out, sign and date the application form(s)

  • If necessary, please submit your biometrics (fingerprints and photos) within 30 days of receiving the request.

  • Please ensure you have included all the required documents per the application checklist.

  • Ensure that you use the appropriate payment method to pay the required fee. It would be beneficial to seek guidance from reliable visa assistance providers. Unimoni can help you in making immigration payments much more effortless.

  • Double-check your application before submitting it.

If your Canadian Immigration application is still in the process

If you’re wondering what steps you can take to stay updated, we have some helpful tips for you!

1. Check your immigration application status online.

To check the status of online applications such as work, study, visitor permits, Express Entry permanent resident applications, and temporary resident visas, log into your MyCIC account. Select “View my submitted application or profiles” and click “Check status and messages”. You can utilize the Client Application Status Tool if you have submitted your application through mail or a non-Express Entry online platform for permanent residency.

2. Submit a web form.

If your immigration application has taken longer than the standard processing time, you can contact IRCC using their webform to request an update. You can find the processing times for your application on IRCC’s website. Remember that if your application is within standard processing times, you may receive a generic response from IRCC. However, their reply can still provide some insight into the status of your application.

ATIP request

To file an access to information and privacy (ATIP) request, you must meet one of the following criteria: be a Canadian citizen, an individual or corporation currently located in Canada or a permanent resident of Canada. If you don’t meet these requirements, you can designate someone who does to request on your behalf. Your first step should be to ask for your Global Case Management System (GCMS) notes. These notes will provide you with access to the immigration officer’s internal notes about your file, as well as details about any documents that have been requested and received. Depending on the results of the ATIP, you may need to submit additional information to IRCC via web form.

Contact a Member of Parliament

If you are a resident of Canada and seeking updates on the status of your immigration application, your Member of Parliament (MP) can request information on your behalf. You can directly contact your MP by locating their contact information using your postal code on the official website.

File a mandamus

A “mandamus” is a Court order requiring the visa office to decide. If your visa processing time has significantly exceeded, you may have a compelling reason to open a case in the Federal Court for a “mandamus”. It will take as little as 6-8 weeks to settle, after which the visa office will prioritize your case. However, if a payment is not reached and your case is granted leave for judicial review, it may take several months to conclude.

Facing delays in your Canada immigration application can be an emotional rollercoaster. However, you can navigate the challenges with resilience by taking proactive steps, seeking assistance when needed, and maintaining a hopeful attitude. Remember that countless others have completed this journey, and with perseverance, you, too, can look forward to a brighter future in Canada.

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