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These 10 countries where it's easy to get a work visa for Indians

Getting a job outside India is quite challenging. Getting a good job is difficult if you have no qualifications or skills. To get an employment visa, you need to have an appointment first. Then the employer may provide you with an employment visa. However, a few nations offer visa options to independent contractors and digital nomads, making it more straightforward for people who work for themselves to obtain a work visa. Some countries make visa relaxations for Indians.

Countries where you can migrate and get an easy work permit.


The State of Qatar

Qatar is one of the safest and most employment-generated countries in the world. The country enjoys bilateral operations in any sector. So it gives ample opportunities to Indian people, and they have a large Indian residential community. About 7,00000 Indians work and stay in Qatar, so the Qatar government relaxed the visa procedures. You get a job and a visitor’s visa with lots of liberation.

  • The advantage of Qatar is that they have a liberal visa policy and good job openings.
  • The disadvantage of working here is the cost of living. 

The United Arab Emirates:

Since the Gulf Boom, the United Arab Emirates has remained a prominent choice for Indians looking to relocate and work abroad. Indians travel to UAE, predominantly Dubai, for jobs and other employment. The UAE government is continuously developing and upgrading its infrastructure and other related facilities to welcome people from other countries. UAE issues work visits and employment visas relatively easy. There is a sizable Indian diaspora in the nation, which improves the quality of life. There are plenty of options for entertainment. If you have the necessary skills, pay scales are competitive with those in Europe and the US.

  • The advantage of the UAE is you get all the life experiences in one go. There are various job opportunities as the country develops each day.
  • The disadvantage is staying this country is that you ought to spend a lot.

Kingdom of Belgium:

Belgium is a beautiful nation. Its proximity to the Netherlands, France, Germany, and Luxembourg is advantageous. Over 7000 Indians work and live in Belgium. They are the third-highest percentage of migrant labourers. It is easy to get into Belgium if you have an employment or work visa. But Belgium has a highly liberal culture. Indians would, therefore, generally feel at home here. Indian employees abroad can also apply for nationality in Belgium if they meet specific requirements. Belgium’s cost of living is lower than that of its neighbours, Germany and France

  • The advantage of working in Belgium is finding a job here is easy as many large international institutions are based in Belgium.
  • The disadvantage of working in Belgium is the amount of higher taxes. 

New Zealand:

There are numerous working visa categories in New Zealand. You will find it simpler to search for and obtain a visa matching your particular set of talents. People over 50 have various options when applying for a work visa in New Zealand. You are able to stay in New Zealand for up to 12 months on a working holiday visa. You can submit an application for a 23-month working holiday visa if you are from the UK or Canada. You can begin your business in the nation for up to three years by applying for the Entrepreneurship Work Visa.

  • The advantage of working in Germany is that you get a relaxed work-life balance. The German government welcomes other nationals and citizens. 
  • The disadvantage is that due to the small population, there is limited career mobility in Germany.
  • New Zealand might be the ideal location for you if you’re a young adult looking to broaden your viewpoint through a big trip and intend to pay for it with side jobs along the way! Several short-term and seasonal job options nationwide, from farmers to adventure sports businesses to tour operators.


Because of its labour scarcity, Germany is a simple country to obtain a work visa. Germany is concentrating on bringing in more immigrants to fill the job market due to an ageing population. The country gives those with good, solid skills and educational backgrounds easy immigration choices. If there is no job visa, you can always apply for a job seeker visa which lets you live in Germany for a few months. You can apply for a regular job visa when you get a job. You can obtain work and residence permits through the EU Blue Card Scheme. To work in Germany, you must have professional experience and a contract.

  • The advantage of working here is that you get an excellent social welfare system and sound public transportation system.
  • There is a high tax rate here in Germany.


The Netherlands has an excellent opportunity for start-up projects and business ideas. You can apply for a one-year residency if your business proposal satisfies the requirements. You will meet with a mentor during this period, focus on your business, and ensure its success. You can always apply for a self-employment visa or a regular residency visa that allows you to work in the Netherlands after your one-year residency visa expires.

  • The advantage of working in the Netherlands is that you get all the benefits of living in a secure place. The country offers healthcare insurance, annual leaves, holidays etc.
  • The demerit of working in the Netherlands is that it is challenging to find accommodation here. Also, the taxes here are much higher.

South Korea

For native English speakers, South Korea is one of the best and simplest countries to obtain a work visa. It is because you can move to South Korea and teach English there with just a bachelor’s degree, thanks to the E2 teaching visa. To be eligible for an E2 Korean visa, you must be a citizen of one of the countries: The US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Oceania, England, Ireland & S. Africa.

  • The advantage of working in South Korea is a friendly and collaborative working environment. Jobs often come with accommodation.
  • Finding grocery products is challenging in South Korea if you are homesick. Employees often work more hours due to work pressures.


Canada offers various working visa options and continuously seeks new residents. The popular immigration programme is known as the EEP. You need to accumulate enough points on the scoreboard because this is a points-based scheme to be eligible for the visa. Your talents, education, job history, age, level of training, and language proficiency are typically considered when assessing you. You can look into an alternative visa if the Express Entry Program is not qualified. Canada also offers other visa programs like the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, Post Graduate visa etc. In Canada, there are two categories of temporary work permits. The first option is an open work permit, which enables you to work for most Canadian firms. An employer-specific permit is an alternate choice, but you must have a written agreement with that employer.

  • The advantage of living in Canada is a universal healthcare system for all and a strong employment workforce to welcome foreign workers.
  • The disadvantage of working here is that the cost of living is relatively higher and the weather is extreme.


Brazil was until recently the stuff of distant dreams for any Indian. It does require two lengthy flights, including a transit. But now, the Brazilian government has the facility of extending the visa on arrival facility. The nation seeks Indians with the necessary talents to advance its numerous industries, as India is a member of the five nations BRICS community. Brazil is home to various Indian businesses, particularly those in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. As a result, there would be many more Indians living and working in Brazil than there are now. Depending on your situation, Brazil offers a variety of work visa types. The most popular type of visa for foreigners working in Brazil is the VITEM V (temporary visa). Professionals typically obtain the Visto Permanente (permanent work visa) after working on a temporary work visa for two years. 

  • The advantage is the Brazilian people are very open and friendly. Also, the healthcare facility is strong here. 
  • The disadvantage of brazil is that they have an enormous crime rate. There is income instability in the country which can often affect work.  


 Australia gives an easy work permit visa. Because there are so many different visa alternatives available, it is simple to obtain a work visa because your chances of being approved for at least one visa type are better. You can also apply for a sponsorship visa for applying for the work permit visa. The procedure for acquiring a work visa in Australia is the same as in New Zealand. Additionally, Australia provides a “working holiday” visa programme that enables visitors from specific countries to stay in the nation for a year. Like New Zealand, working visas are available for foreign workers who pass all the skills evaluations.

  • The advantage of working here is that you get paid well and have a fun work culture.
  • The disadvantage of working in Australia is the high cost of living.


You may want to live and work overseas as an Indian for any number of reasons. The dreams remains unchanged due to lot of reasons like admission, job visa, immigration formalities etc. 

There are some countries where Indians can migrate with less amount of procedures. And some countries provide very flexible visa procedures and visas that can be used for staying abroad before getting a job. For Indians, the ideal places to live and work are those with few difficulties

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