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Things to remember before applying for a student visa

Studying abroad is always a dream. But the procedures behind it are so stressful that many of us drop our plans. Getting all documents processed, attested, etc., are cumbersome. 

However, you must consider and recheck some necessary procedures before entering an aeroplane. You must follow some guidelines diligently, or you will be in big trouble in the country to visit. 

Things to remember while applying for a Student visa:

You have to note different things for applying for a student visa. You can apply for one just after checking these points:

  • Same as booking flights and accommodation in advance, apply for the visa as early as possible. Most countries approve it in 90 days. So always ensure the early visa application.
  • Keep photocopies of your documents, as these can be handy at times. 
  • Check for a turnaround time mentioned on the website of the country you are travelling to. This will give you an update of the processing time of a visa. Always remember that the processing time is much higher during the peak seasons.
  • Certain nations demand that applicants make an appointment with the Visa Application Centre before submitting their applications. We strongly advise arriving at the centre 15 minutes before the specified time to avoid missing your slot.
  • Double-check all the documents submitted.
  • Always update the status of your visa. You can track it through online platforms.


Language tests and relevant scores are something to be considered for studying abroad. IELTS and TOEFL are the two exams to be considered for studying abroad. These two exams are valid for two years. It can be cracked in two months of preparation. These exams are to test your knowledge of English. 

Documents required for a student visa

You need to submit certain documents to apply for a student visa:

  • A valid passport
  • Application form
  • Passport size photos
  • Proof of admission
  • Proof of the financial background
  • Student health insurance 
  • Previous student insurance proof.

Hiring a visa consultant

Hiring a visa consultant is the best decision ever while you plan to study abroad. Getting better advice from an expert reduces your headache of running behind the procedures. What you should know before engaging a visa consultant is listed below.

  • Our Convenience: Generally, the applicant must do all the tedious documentation while applying for a student visa. Booking appointments, interviews, documentations etc. are all quite a headache. Hiring a visa consultant gives you considerable relaxation as they will look into all these procedures. All you have to do is pay him the required fees.
  • Expert Advice: It is very important to get professional advice while applying for a visa. The visa experts can do a good job here. They also stay informed about any changes to the law. As a result, we avoid spending the entire amount of time necessary to investigate the connectivity.
  • Saves Time: You can save a lot of time and effort by hiring an expert as they tend to know what to do and when. A single mistake can cause a visa denial.
  • Professional Support: Hiring an authorised support person can get professional and reasonable advice. These experts can mitigate last-minute changes as they are professionals.

Limitations of a visa consultant

Hiring a visa expert is a great thing to consider, but even this has limitations. You can save a lot by depending on the online platforms, which gives you better.

  • Visa assistants are just intermediates. The expert can set up our application and advise us on the process and papers, but ultimately the Embassy or Consulate will decide which visa to grant us. One cannot directly or indirectly influence the choice of visa. A visa can be promised to you, but it cannot be guaranteed.
  • They always have a dependency, as they depend on various services like courier services, public holidays etc.


A stay in a different country is a memorable experience. The VISA is the legal document that grants the ability to cross any horizon effortlessly. VISAs, green, blue, or red, are short-term permits that allow visitors from other countries to enter, depart, or remain for a predetermined period.

Obtaining a visa is now simple, whether for business, study, or another purpose. Discovering new places, studying savouring regional cuisine, meeting new people, and trying their regional languages are all excellent experiences to include in your memoirs. Get the token to all these pleasures to realise your fantasy.

Unimoni Financial Service Ltd. gives you the best experience in visa assistance. Documents needed, fees, and processing Depending on the VISA type, the length of the stay, the embassy, and the nation, time may vary.

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