Do You Know the Tips for Getting the Best Foreign Currency Exchange?

Spending a vacation abroad involves lots of rigorous planning. From buying air tickets to finding suitable accommodation are all processes which require advanced planning and booking. The most important among these is how to carry money during your holiday. Many depend on exchanging currencies at airports, while others use travel cards. This blog is all about tips for finding the best currency exchange rates!

How do exchange rates work?

Purchasing low and selling it high is the most important thing people consider when thinking about currency exchange!

Exchange rates are a technique to determine the worth of your national Currency with its equivalents in other nations beyond how it benefits you personally. It also impacts the cost of imported commodities, government loans, services, etc. It is important to note that central exchange rates are official, whereas other rates may vary among money changers. It is your responsibility to have a thorough comparison between the exchange rates. 

Here are some of the important tips for finding the best exchange rates. 

Useful tips for finding the best foreign currency exchange rates

Finding the best currency exchange rates and getting the cheapest one is great. 

  • Be updated: Always know the market and currency exchange rates. It is very crucial for you to have a thorough knowledge of the market before going for currency exchange. Understanding the parallel market will help you know whether you are making a profit or a loss. This is because prices will constantly fluctuate, and you must select the best service provider to have an advantage. You do not need to purchase at the last minute and lose money when the price drops when it’s going up. Thus, keep track of the current rates at least once every week.

Remitforex by Unimoni is an online platform where you can get the best exchange rates in the country. We provide up-to-date information on exchange rates and market trends. You can also visit the market and be informed about the currency rates.

  • Plan your trip: Most of you often purchase your tickets in advance, and other arrangements are made long before the trip. Yet, many individuals don’t plan ahead or prepare for foreign cash, which leads to turmoil. Three days before your journey, you must organize and plan your Currency. The best time is a week or more before your departure date. This lets you plan your finances well to avoid confusion and gives you access to live exchange rates provided by many organizations, enabling you to buy the best rate that suits your needs. 

Remitforex powered by Unimoni offers quality service and helps you plan the trip. Our trained staff provide you with all the needed information. As our network expands, you can avail of the benefits from anywhere in the country. 

  • Compare the rates in the market: You should pick more than just the first foreign exchange provider that comes to mind while utilizing them. You should evaluate your provider’s exchange rates and their customer service and user experiences. With the help of this, you can determine the average prices and the greatest deals. 

Unimoni provides some exciting exchange rates if you’re unsure where to begin. We offer reasonable exchange rates at no hidden charges, making us India’s no.1 Forex company.

  • Choose a trusted service provider: Always choose a trusted service provider for your currency exchange needs. Remember to focus on its trustworthiness, authorization etc., because it is your hard-earned money! 

Remitforex by Unimoni is the leading financial service provider with a strong reliability and customer service record. Whether you are a business looking to manage your currency risk or an individual looking to exchange Currency for personal service, Unimoni can be your trusted partner. Unimoni is an authorized dealer approved by RBI. Your entire transaction is safe and secure with Unimoni, as we use a two-factor authentication!!

  • Do not use debit cards in foreign ATMs: If you use an ATM card in the country, you will either remit no fees or slight charges as the transaction charges. But for an international transaction, you will incur a charge for exchanging the Currency which will be a higher rate. With all the charges, it will cost three times higher when compared to using it in our country. Always talk to your service provider to get a clear idea of the associated charges. 
  • Avoid using the Universal Currency: Always avoid using the universal Currency, the Dollar, and use the local Currency when travelling. Having some liquid cash with you for dining and other shopping is highly recommended. You will have the option of paying in dollars with the locals. This method has the advantage of simplifying the process of controlling spending monitoring. You should never agree to such requests and always demand local currency payment. This can prevent you from falling victim to frequent scams when these companies claim to offer a dynamic currency exchange but instead charge unauthorized conversion fees.

Remitforex, powered by Unimoni, gives a wide range of financial products and free travel cards with lower currency rates. Unimoni has a good Foreign Currency Stock of different currencies like the US Dollar, EURO, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, UAE Dirhams, Saudi Riyal, Thai Baht, Malaysian Ringgit, Chinese Yuan etc. The stores’ availability is high, so you can get the Currency at the best rates.

  • Carry Cash: Always try to carry cash when travelling abroad. It is advised to carry 30% of your finance as liquid cash as this can ease your bargaining, and you cannot be scammed paying in dollars. 

Remitforex gives you the best forex deals in the country. Visit any Unimoni branch near to get the best deals. Customers can buy Currency through the remitforex website, request a callback or Visit the nearest branch. 

  • Use a travel card: Use a travel card wherein you can load 9 multiple currencies at a time. This is the smartest card supported by a micro-chip, a contactless payment option. Travel card makes your travel light and less hectic. You can use this card in ATMs abroad and even airport lounges.

Remitforex, powered by Unimoni, gives a free travel card to load multiple currencies. You will have access to over 55000+ ATMs across the world. You can use it at any retail shop, like debit cards. Reloading is also possible whenever you run out of cash. The fluctuations in the exchange rates do not affect this travel card. From Unimoni, the customer can select different types of International Travel Cards like Multi-Currency, One Currency etc.


Foreign Exchange is the trading of currencies from around the world. It can be a lucrative market, but it can also be a very risky process. But this can be very profitable when you make wise decisions. Approach it with caution and discipline. Choose the most trusted partner to deal with foreign exchange. 

Remitforex, powered by Unimoni, gives you the best exchange rates in the country. We are an authorized dealer with an AD II licence approved by RBI. Unimoni serves you at 300+ locations across India. For more details, log on to our website, request a call back or  visit your nearest branch. 

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