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Top Universities in Russia for Indian Students

Russia is the world’s biggest country, featuring some of the most spectacular landscapes and natural beauties. Siberia occupies three-quarters of Russia which is covered with taigas and pine forests. The diverse ecosystem and the climate are so pleasant that who doesn’t wish to travel to Russia?

The education system in Russia is equally good, as it is one of the No.1 places to plan your higher studies. Today, Many Indian students pick Russia as their study destination. 

This blog is all about the top Russian Universities for Indian students.

Why do Indian students choose Russia for their studies?

Indian students choose Russia for a variety of reasons. Listed below are some of the important reasons:

  • Safety & Security: Russia provides a safe and secure student environment. The country has a stable economy which adheres to the same.
  • World-class Education: Russia provides world-class education facilities to students. Most universities provide well-trained experts to handle lectures. The placement cells and student societies work well in universities.
  • Favorable immigration: Russian government provide favorable immigration to international students. This makes the visa procedures a lot easier. The tuition and other costs of living in Russia are comparatively lower. 
  • Research & Innovation: Russian universities allow you to choose from various topics for research-based studies. The well-equipped labs and super-qualified teachers cater to your research.
  • Work permit: Most universities in Russia provide work permits after class hours. It not only helps the students earn a living but also gives them an entrance to living their life.

Top three Universities in Russia

The Universities of Russia have many programmes and specializations. Many Universities also provide scholarship programmes for student betterment. Listed below are some of the important Universities in Russia for Indian Students.

Lomonosov Moscow State University

Moscow State University (MSU) is a public research university established in 1755. MSU is one of the most prestigious universities in Russia. 

MSU university has a rich history at the academic level. The University works hard to preserve and develop comprehensive traditions of the education system. The Univerity has a renowned alum group, including popular scholars and Nobel Prize winners. 

Today’s focus is on applied Science: novel materials, genetics, biology, pharmaceutics, cognitive sciences, ecology, and information technology. The University door is open for anyone searching for creativity, self-improvement and discoveries. 

MSU programs offer full-time studies for Specialist programs, BS and MS. The Post Graduation program provided by the University can be full-time or Part-time. International students are required to complete the entrance examination to the University successfully for their admission. 

Some important educational streams include the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Soil Science, Geography, Medicine, Law, Journalism, Philology and much more. The University focuses mainly on its research programs. Moreover, it provides a lot of choices for the students to choose from. 

MSU offers a good campus life experience and excellent conditions for a pleasant stay, self-study and scientific work, leisure, sports, and involvement in university cultural life. Each campus provides a friendly atmosphere and required living amenities such as dining halls, housekeeping complexes, entertainment spaces, libraries, sports fields, and gyms. There are Wi-Fi connection points in residence halls that provide limitless Internet access. 

Moscow University Arts and Entertainment Center is the University’s creative centre for excellence. Students may make the most of their university experience by participating in its vibrant campus life, developing their abilities in many clubs and innovative organizations, attending countless cultural events, and visiting museums and galleries.

The LMSU campus is alive with activities that reflect the progress of the University and the globe as a whole. A series of musical soirees featured more than 100 shows. The Botanical Garden, The Zoological museum etc., are all the attractions of this University. 

Tomsk State University

Tomsk State University (TSU) is a national research University in Tomsk, Russia. The University was established in 1888. It was the first University in Russia for the Asian part. The University’s top objective is to educate open-minded, cultured persons capable of autonomous scientific and philosophical achievements. University faculty and staff are actively developing innovative methods and methodologies in all areas of activity, remaining true to their predecessors’ traditions and increasing the University’s standing in the present Russian and worldwide scientific and educational environments.

The University has achieved many awards and achievements for its education and culture. Some of the major departments at TSU are the Faculty of Geology and Geography, History, Physical Education, Law, Business, Radio physics, Arts & Culture, Economics, Chemistry, Philosophy and much more. Students get plenty of opportunities to choose from a wide variety of subjects. 

The students at TSU can experience wonderful campus life. The University welcomes students with a whole heart. 

The Residence Hall is furnished and has bathroom units. Ovens are available in shared kitchens. The residence hall is modern and designed with students in mind, including study rooms, internet, laundry, a gym, a café, and a space for dance and aerobics. There is security, including modern CCTV and fire suppression. 

The Research Library was established in 1880 and is considered the largest University in the Siberian part of Russia, which is the first library to use new information technologies for data storage & processing. You can find manuscripts from the 14th century in the library. 

Botanical Gardens, Zoology centres etc., are some of the main attractions of the campus. 

The Student Union helps first-year students socialize by organizing leisure and cultural activities and inexpensive tourist tours. Any student may seek counsel, legal protection, and support with any matter of interest or difficulty from the Union’s representative in the faculty or directly from the Union.

HSE University

HSE is a national public research university established in 1992. The University is officially headquartered in Moscow, Russia. HSE maintain three regional campuses apart from the headquarters. HSE was the first educational institution in Russia to establish Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees successfully, and it also contributed to the conception and execution of the Unified State Exam, which was designed to modernize Russia’s education and healthcare systems.

There are a variety of courses, including short programmes, English tutored programs, Bachelor’s, Master’s degree courses and much more. Online programmes are another convenient option provided by the University.

The different programmes at HSE University teach students in specialized areas of competence so that when they graduate, they have skills and abilities in high demand in the global job market. Internships at research institutes, firms, and organizations in Russia and worldwide combine classroom instruction with hands-on learning. 

Some of the major streams of this Economics institution include the Humanities, Medical Sciences, Engineering, Agrarian Sciences, Social Sciences etc. 

The HSE library is huge and offers a subscription to foreign e-journals! The University also provides a digital library facility for subjects like Political Science, statistics, mathematics, health, physics, philosophy, antiquities studies, linguistics, literature etc.

In 2010, HSE was the first institution in Russia to invest its funds in establishing foreign laboratories. This enabled the institution to raise the quality of its research and integrate its research teams into the worldwide research agenda. 

Job opportunities in Russia for Indian students

Moscow has the greatest employment rate in Russia, which caters to more than a quarter of the total Russian GDP. The service industry employs more than half of all Russians, with retail, tourism, health care, and education as the most prominent service sectors. The most significant industrial sectors are mining, manufacturing, and construction.

Many English-speaking positions are available with international corporations in Russia’s major cities.

In Russia, there are several recruiting companies and employment portals. They are, nevertheless, best suited for highly skilled people who want to work for huge corporations. 

All the major Universities have excellent recruitment cells and student organizations which train the students to attend the interviews organized by the placement cells.

Students are also allowed a work permit during university-off hours. They can work part-time to meet their expenses while getting real-time experience. 

Cost of living for Indian students in Russia

The cost of living in Russia for Indian students depends upon their living style and expenses. It is upon the accommodation and food they choose, shopping style, eating out etc. The average cost of living in Russia is approx. 15000-20000 RUB/month. 

The cost of one’s living costs is difficult to predict because it relies on numerous factors, including requirements and habits. The average cost of living in Russia is also affected by the area in which one resides since this influences rent, transportation costs, and the types of stores, supermarkets, cafés, and restaurants accessible. 

Students can choose on-campus stays and meals at the mess to reduce expenses. Also, they can take maximum advantage of the different scholarship programs available on and off the University.


Russia’s higher education system is well-known for its successes and concentration on Science and technology. Many courses provided at state-funded universities are centred on the sciences, but a wide range of humanities and social Science degrees are also available.

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