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Top Universities of Ireland in 2022

Ireland is an island nation with beautiful scenery and exciting locations to explore. The country is proud of the Guinness beer and its renowned writers. In addition, the nation is well known for the Trinity College Library. 

Many people today migrate from India to other foreign countries to pursue their dreams. They travel to achieve great things in life, increase the standard of living, for higher education etc. 

Ireland is one of the most chosen countries by students from India. Universities and better job opportunities are the only reason why students choose Ireland. The country has universities, colleges, technical institutions, etc., giving students more comprehensive options.

Universities in Ireland

Ireland offers a wide selection of universities for students. It also provides both short and long-term courses. It covers a wide range of studies like Vocational programs, medicine, technical studies, pharmacy, fashion, media, accounts etc. 

The country ranks within the top 700 universities in the world. The facilities and faculty guidance offered to the students is beyond words, so who decides not to study in Ireland?

Top Three Universities of Ireland


Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College is one of the most aged colleges in the world and one among the seven ancient universities in UK. It is the sole constituent college of Dublin. 

It is a college with 400 years of excellence and expert faculties. The college is ranked 1st in Ireland and 98th in the whole world. There is something for everyone in this University. Students get a vibrant campus experience. The motivation and involvement of campus groups and activities are moments to cherish. The campus also provides world-class facilities with different activity clubs and advanced lab facilities, playgrounds, social groups etc.

Courses Offered at Trinity College

Trinity College offers both graduation as well as post-graduation programs. The fun fact is that 29% of the enrolled students are from outside the country. 

The college provides many UG courses like Acting, History, Archeology, Engineering, Medicine, French, Business Studies, Chemistry, Art etc.

Students can enrol for the courses of their choice. The students also have the option of choosing full-time or part-time. The duration for these courses may be a maximum of 5 years.

The college also has many PG courses, short courses and other programs, which include advanced nursing practice, Applied Clinical and other related studies, Linguistics, psychology, Social data science and much more.  

Trinity has been recognised as Europe’s top institution for producing venture-backed entrepreneurs and promotes creativity and entrepreneurial culture by offering incubation programmes for student-led businesses. 

University College of Dublin (UCD)

University College of Dublin is the second-ranked University in Ireland. It is one of the leading research-oriented institutes in Ireland. UCD was founded in 1854 as a catholic university in Dublin. Today, there are students from 169+ countries studying at this University. 

It is Ireland’s most opt University with many disciplines and great alumni. Individual researchers, research teams, start-up businesses, and extensive partnerships with the private sector and other partners are all included in UCD’s research and innovation spectrum. Research is done across the broad range of disciplines offered by the University and in multidisciplinary research programmes tackling global concerns. 

The University offers several courses, which include courses for undergraduate students. There are amazing job opportunities when you graduate from UCD. 

UCD’s graduation courses include Agriculture, Finance, Animal& crop production, Computer Science and IT, Development & Humanitarian Action, Business & Management, Architecture, Planning & Urban Studies etc. All these courses offered are the best in the country. 

Pg programmes include Masters in almost all the subjects like Maths & Statistics, Philosophy, Psychology, Music, Literature, Science, Politics, History & Archeology etc. 

The University also provides many scholarship programmes to celebrate the students’ diverse talents. International students can apply for various Global Excellence Scholarships, which UCD is happy to provide. These scholarships are granted by nation or discipline and are competitively awarded based on academic merit.

University College Cork (UCC)

UCC is considered one of the oldest University stretching its age to 170 years. Starting the University with a population of 115 students, it is now rich with 23000+ students across the globe. 

Being home to more than 100 societies and communities, it exposes different talents. The campus is filled with world-class facilities and a great ambience. All the social media groups are active and conduct various campaigns like “The Green Campaign”, promoting agriculture and greens. Many societies host different campaigns. Every week UCC hosts public talks and seminars on important topics. 

In addition to this beautiful campus life, the University offers student accommodation, including university halls, apartments, nearby lodges, etc. Many of these accommodation programmes provide meal plans to students. 

UCC provides a wide range of graduation & post-graduation courses, both short-term and long-term. The graduation programmes include Accounting, Geography, Arts & Science, Genetics, Applied Psychology, Pharmacy, Philosophy and much more. 

Important PG courses include Accounting, Anthropology, Folklore, Msc Nursing, Medicine, Business, Food Science, German, Greek Arts etc. UCC also offers Adult Continuation Courses and various online courses. 

Job opportunities in Ireland

Being a student in a university in Ireland leads to higher job opportunities in the country. Several occupations/professions in Ireland have more significant returns than others. The most satisfactory earnings and compensation for workers are found in the service sector. Also, there are many multinational companies offering jobs to international students.

All the universities mentioned above provide campus recruitment to students. Excellent students get the job offer and can leave the University with a great job in their hands. Trinity College is the highest among them to offer a higher salary after graduation. MBA programmes, IT and Travel sectors are the most booming industry and the most demanded degrees in Ireland. Students studying in Ireland will get a job in the country and the facility of post study visa.

Why should you choose Ireland for future studies?

When it comes to employment and industry, Ireland is one of the countries with the quickest growth. Ireland is one of the few European nations with the highest living levels. A growing number of multinational corporations have moved their European headquarters to the nation due to its well-connected geographic locations and low corporate tax rates. As a result, many more career options are available for everyone, including international students studying in Ireland.

Ireland is the perfect destination for everyone who needs a world-class education. It is an innovative country with a lot of promising careers. 

Ireland provides the facility of post-study visas to international students. Moreover, the higher quality of education provided in the universities is another reason to choose Ireland. It is a safe and friendly country with lots of work opportunities. Campus life is also excellent in Ireland. 

Universities in Ireland provide many student scholarships to International students. The university fee is also much lower as compared to other nations. 

Cost of living in Ireland

In general, Ireland’s living costs are way cheaper than other nations. The university fees are low, and the accommodation and other facilities are not expensive. Students can expect a monthly expense of 1200-1500 Euros, including accommodation.

Students can take up part-time jobs, which most universities permit, giving them some earnings to meet their expenses. Securing a scholarship is also the best way to remit the university fees. Cost cutting and availing the resident meal program is also a greater way to cut short expenses. 

Using public transport is another way of being on a budget. Students are always advised to rely on University transportation if any. 


Ireland is one of the most well-liked study abroad locations in Europe. Its universities provide top-notch instruction in a traditional yet contemporary environment. Numerous schools with thousands of study options draw students from around the world. 

You can get off to a fantastic career kickstart by studying in Ireland. Ireland receives good marks for its educational quality, which includes knowledge transfer between institutions and foreign businesses and education that satisfies the demands of a competitive economy. It is a lot of fun studying here. 

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