The Well-Known Academic Structure and the Untouched Beauty of Seeking Knowledge Will Surely Admire You. New Zealand Has Its Charm and Eternity!

Top Universities in New Zealand 2023

New Zealand is an island country located in the South of Australia. The picturesque land, Maori culture, and the most outstanding universities attract students from India to New Zealand.

New Zealand can offer plenty regarding universities. Why do students choose New Zealand for their studies? 

With a top-notch educational system, credentials that are respected globally, a wide range of research opportunities, and an unrivalled quality of life, New Zealand has much to offer. While you are a student here, you can rely on a welcoming community and a top-class support system for international students.

  • Recognized Qualification: The University of New Zealand’s qualifications are globally recognized. Your career path is highly safe when you take a degree or masters from New Zealand.
  • Excellent Education: New Zealand has focused on a research-based educational system wherein students get practical knowledge and classroom training. Most universities allow you to examine the classes critically.
  • Research & Innovation: New Zealand universities allow you to choose from a wide variety of topics for research-based studies. The well-equipped labs and super-qualified teachers cater to your research. 
  • Merits to PhD students: Scholars will have many facilities and privileges for research students. Students can work full-time along with their studies.
  • Work permit: Most universities provide work permits after class hours. It not only helps the students earn a living but also gives them an entrance to living their life. 
  • Quality of life & safety: New Zealand is a multicultural environment where you can learn and experience different lifestyles. It is a safe and secure country with high social tolerance and political stability.

Top 3 Universities of New Zealand 

Welcome to the world of Universities and education. New Zealand has world-class educational institutions and the best campuses in the world, of which the top 3 are listed below:

The University of Auckland

The University of Auckland is a public research university in New Zealand. It is the most comprehensive and highest-ranked university in New Zealand. It is ranked under the top 100 universities in the world. Students from 120 countries study here. There are over 7000 enrolments, of which 45% are international students. 

The University of Auckland was founded in 1883 with just 95 students and 4 teaching staff. This university has several campuses. The main campus is spread over 16 hectares of land with various amenities, including student cafes, libraries, children’s play areas, and recreation centres. 

The accommodation facilities provided by the university are way cheaper and offer students a wide range of options. There are also several scholarship programmes for students which may cover some of the tuition fees.

The students have various options when it comes to choosing courses. There is an option to choose two undergraduate studies simultaneously in the shortest period. The UG courses include Business & Commerce, Engineering & Construction, Fine Arts & Architecture, History, Languages, Law and justice and much more.

A well-advanced PG course in medicine and engineering studies guides you to a better world. Much creative practice and creative writing courses help you create a better world. There are a lot of options for a better selection of PG courses.

Discovering and joining different clubs at the university gives you a better knowledge of the country. The University of Auckland has more than 250 clubs and societies. These clubs help you to take part in different social events as well as learn a foreign language. 

The career opportunities provided by this university are also the main thing of attraction. There are career cells working in the university where they train students for interviews and related exams. 

University of Otago

The University of Otago is a public research university established in 1869. It is New Zealand’s oldest university. Due to the widely accepted indicators of excellence, this university ranks as one of the best in the world. It has had one of the best teaching awards for continuous years. 

One of the advantage of studying in Otago is that 95% of the students go directly for jobs or further studies. Their graduates are well-known for their analytical and negotiating skills. It has the best libraries and world-class research labs. The performing and study areas are all well equipped and provide an ambience to put the student at peace.

This is a residential university in which you get an unmatched student experience. 

Numerous on-campus support services are available at Otago. These include a fantastic disability support service, specialized IT help, and a jobs service to get you ready for the graduate job market, in addition to our cutting-edge student health centre.

There are about 140 student clubs in the university to make and discover new friends. Various undergraduate entrance scholarships are available from the University of Otago, and they honour academic prowess, leadership characteristics, ethnicity, financial need, disabilities, and distinction in athletics or the arts.

There is no need to stress over applying for particular scholarships. You will be considered for all available scholarships and awards that are open on the date we receive your application based on the information you include in your application.

A variety of undergraduate entrance scholarships are available from the University of Otago, and they honour academic prowess, leadership characteristics, ethnicity, financial need, disabilities, and distinction in athletics or the arts.

Otago university gives you flexible study options available to choose from 140 subjects. With most degree courses, you can add a minor course to help you gain more knowledge. You can also get a mix of other subjects. 

Some of the PG courses offered here are Accounting, Acupuncture, Advanced Nursing, Anatomy, Anthropology, Asian Studies, Artificial Intelligence etc. There are much more subjects to explore at this university. 

University of Canterbury

The University of Canterbury(UC) is a public research university in Christchurch, New Zealand, established in 1873. This prominent university, which will mark its 150th anniversary in 2023, is recognized as one of the top 300 in the world. 

The institution is big enough to impact the world while being small enough to feel like a family, with undergraduate and graduate students from over 80 nations making up its vibrant and diverse community. The campuses are situated in exceptional locations. 

Life at UC is a world-class experience. Students can access various amenities and services at the field facilities and on and near the UC campus. It is accessible to all people and provides early childhood education to the children of students and staff.

UC capitalizes on the surrounding natural beauty with extensive green areas and gardens. The famous Avon river in Christchurch, which flows across University Drive through the university, is among them.

UC offers a wide selection of 150+ courses for graduation and post-graduation subjects. The bachelor’s degrees offered by UC prepare you to tackle contemporary issues. You can pick an undergraduate degree that fits your interests and aspirations, whether you already have your career path planned or are open to new opportunities.

Practitioners seeking professional advancement pursue postgraduate certifications and diplomas. Without making a long-term commitment, the brief study period enables you to acquire new skills and a recognized certificate. Open online courses are developed using the latest technology supported by innovative and inspiring teachers. 

UC School of Business, Arts, Economics, Accounts, Law etc., are some of the subjects taught here for Graduation and Post graduation. 

Job opportunities in New Zealand after studies

Getting a job in New Zealand is much easier compared to other countries. Some of the jobs are in high demand, which gives opportunities for the freshers or even anyone who shows up. Nursing and other administrative jobs are always in high demand. 

Students can also use the student placement cell to get a job. By joining these clubs, students can get enough training in job-related subjects. It gives them enough experience to perform in a job interview.

Cost of living in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most well-known study-abroad locations for international students seeking a higher degree. According to statistics from 2021, more than 100,000 students are enrolled in New Zealand universities to pursue higher education. Those planning to study in New Zealand, particularly international students, should have an idea of the costs associated with their stay. 

In New Zealand, you need to have an average amount of $380-480 per for leading a decent life as a student. This cost depends from person to person.


New Zealand is one of the greatest countries to pursue your education. 1000s of students move to New Zealand to seek a better education and living. 

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