University of Birmingham (UK) Announces Scholarships for Indian Students Worth Rs 10.52 Crores!

That’s great news! The University of Birmingham is a prestigious institution, and being awarded a scholarship there would be an incredible opportunity for any Indian student. The scholarships amount to a total of £1 million, which is approximately Rs 10.52 crore. There are both merit-based and automatic awards available for specific academic fields. The scholarship is open to Indian students for undergraduate and postgraduate courses starting in the 2024-25 academic year. It will cover the total tuition fees or provide partial financial support depending on the specific scholarship.

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University of Birmingham (UK)

The University of Birmingham is a highly esteemed institution with prestigious memberships and rankings!

The Russell Group consists of 24 top-notch universities in the UK, recognized for their high-quality research and commitment to excellence. This University consistently ranks among the top 100 universities globally, according to various ranking bodies like the QS World University and Times Higher Education World University Rankings. In the QS World University Rankings 2024, it secured the 84th rank globally, making it the 15th best University in the UK. In the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2023, it was ranked 108th globally and 12th in the UK. Moreover, it has been placed at the 91st position globally out of more than 1,500 universities in the Shanghai Jiao Tong University World Rankings.

University of Birmingham (UK) & India

The University of Birmingham’s solid academic reputation, cutting-edge research, and exceptional student experience make it worth exploring for studying abroad!

Professor Robin Mason, who serves as the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (International) at the University of Birmingham, has emphasized the tremendous value that Indian students bring to the University’s global student community. The University highly appreciates the academic talent, diverse perspectives, and cultural richness that Indian students offer to the campus, and it is firmly committed to fostering inclusivity and creating a lively international learning environment.

The mention of India as a “strategic partner” indicates the University’s broader institutional perspective. It is likely that the University recognizes the potential of India’s growing student population and aims to establish strong academic and research partnerships in the country.

The scholarships being offered can serve as a means to strengthen the ties between the University and India while also attracting the cream of the crop in terms of Indian talent. The University’s “long, illustrious relationship with India” indicates a rich collaboration and cultural exchange history between the two parties.

This legacy adds credibility to the scholarship program, demonstrating a genuine desire to reinforce existing bonds and cultivate future generations of Indian scholars. The closing statement conveys the University’s eagerness to welcome “the next group of Indian students to our beautiful historic campus in Birmingham.” This warm invitation extends beyond financial assistance and emphasizes a friendly environment for Indian students, making them feel appreciated and enthusiastic about joining the community.

The scholarship program provides financial assistance and showcases the University’s commitment to forging long-term partnerships, promoting global citizenship, and attracting talented students worldwide!


The scholarship offering from the University of Birmingham is diverse and substantial, catering to various study levels and financial needs. Let’s break down the details:

Undergraduate Level:

  • UG Outstanding Achievement Scholarships: This merit-based scholarship offers a substantial £4,000 towards tuition fees for 20 select Indian students starting undergraduate studies in September 2024.

Postgraduate Level:

  • PG: India Chancellor Scholarship: This scholarship for Indian students offers £2,000 tuition support for 15 postgraduate students. While smaller than the UG option, it still provides valuable financial assistance.
  • Global Masters Scholarships (Automatic): £2,000 scholarships are automatically awarded to eligible students accepted into specific postgraduate programs. This incentivizes applications and rewards academic merit.
  • DeepMind Scholarships for Computer Science: These prestigious scholarships offer a whopping £52,565 each for 3 outstanding computer science students. This significant support caters to a specialized field and encourages cutting-edge research.
  • GREAT Scholarships 2024: This scholarship of £10,000 explicitly targets students from select countries (potentially including India) pursuing one-year postgraduate programs at the University. It encourages enrollment in specific courses and supports international diversity.
  • The GEES Global Futures Scholarship (India): This £2,000 scholarship for Indian students pursuing postgraduate studies in Global Environmental Studies fosters engagement with this crucial field.
  • Million Pound Scholarship Fund for Business School, Master’s Students: This unique fund offers full tuition fee support and varying scholarships to UK and international students accepted into Business School Master’s programs. This caters to high-potential students in a popular academic field.

The scholarships demonstrate the University’s commitment to attracting talented students from various backgrounds and fields. They offer varying levels of support, targeting specific needs and academic strengths. This comprehensive approach makes the University of Birmingham a beautiful destination for Indian students seeking international postgraduate opportunities.

Why Study at the University of Birmingham?

It is a world-renowned institution offering many reasons to choose it for your studies.

It is ranked among the top 100 universities globally by QS World University and Times Higher Education World University Rankings. A member of the prestigious Russell Group, signifying research excellence and commitment to top-tier education. A wide range of courses span disciplines such as Medicine, Engineering, History, and Art History. Renowned faculty with expertise in their fields, conducting cutting-edge research and actively engaging with students.

Vibrant and diverse student body with over 150 nationalities represented—a robust support system for international students, including dedicated advisors and cultural societies. Many opportunities are available for studying abroad or participating in international exchange programs. Birmingham is a multicultural city with a thriving arts scene and exciting nightlife.

Graduates are highly sought-after by employers worldwide due to the University’s strong reputation and industry connections. Career support services are available to help you develop your skills and find your dream job. Birmingham is a central economic hub with numerous companies across various sectors, offering internship and job opportunities.

Courses offered for international students

The University of Birmingham offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses for international students, spanning diverse fields and interests. Here’s a brief glimpse into some of the exciting options available:

Undergraduate Courses:

  • Science and Engineering: Dive into cutting-edge fields like aerospace engineering, where Birmingham boasts a world-renowned department, or delve into the mysteries of the universe with astrophysics.
  • Medicine and Dentistry: You can pursue your passion for healthcare at Birmingham’s prestigious medical school, ranked among the top 50 globally by the World Health Organization. Alternatively, explore the intricacies of oral health sciences at the esteemed School of Dentistry.
  • Business and Law: Hone your entrepreneurial skills at the Birmingham Business School, a Triple Crown accredited institution, or embark on a journey towards legal expertise with the University’s renowned School of Law.
  • Arts and Humanities: Immerse yourself in literature, languages, history, or fine arts at the vibrant Faculty of Arts and Humanities. Birmingham’s cultural scene thrives, providing enriching opportunities beyond the classroom.
  • Social Sciences: Understand the complexities of human behaviour and society with psychology, sociology, or criminology courses. Birmingham’s social sciences faculty is at the forefront of groundbreaking research.
  • Postgraduate Courses:
  • Research Degrees: Birmingham offers a multitude of MPhil and PhD programs across various disciplines. Embark on a research journey!
  • Taught Masters: Enhance your knowledge and specialize in specific areas with Birmingham’s diverse range of taught Master’s programs. The options from Data Science to Shakespeare Studies cater to various interests.
  • Professional Doctorates: Combine academic rigour with practical expertise through Birmingham’s professional doctorate programs to equip you to excel in your chosen profession.

The University of Birmingham offers international students various undergraduate and postgraduate courses. With more than 300 undergraduate programs and 600 doctoral opportunities, you can choose the course that fits your academic interests and career objectives.

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