Education in China Opens the Door Not Only to Your Future but Also Presents a Very Budget-Friendly Nation to Start Pursuing Your Next Step in Life.

Top Universities in China for Indian Students

Over the past years, China has advanced to the top of the world for its education. The quality of education and the facilities in China provides a better world for students. Several students migrate to China from India to pursue their higher education.

Why do Indian students choose China for their studies?

China is one of the most chosen destinations by students of India for its quality of education and affordability. In addition to all these, the job opportunities offered by China are also plenty. Some of the main reasons for Indian students to migrate to China are as follows:

  • Better quality of education: The Chinese government gives good quality educational facilities to students. A world-class educational system with live sessions and advanced laboratory systems cater to this. 
  • Scholarship Programs: The Chinese government provides scholarships for various subjects with specialization. The country provides more than 40,000 scholarship programs for international students.
  • Advantages of being in a multicultural society: China has many values and cultures. The students can engage in such a society indulging in their cultural festivals, tea culture, family etc. It is not only a medium for learning the language but also for building a vibrant network off-campus.
  • Affordability in China: Several Universities in China doesn’t charge tuition fees for international students. China is far more affordable for studies than the UK and USA.
  • Student Accommodation: Student accommodation in China is also more accessible when compared to other countries. Students can choose on and off-campus accommodation according to their wishes.

Top Universities in China

Education in China attracts several students from across the globe. The high-end universities and their facilities cater to all these. The trained experts are the assets of any Chinese University. The top 3 universities in China are listed below:

Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University is located in Beijing around the historical site of the Qing Dynasty. Tsinghua is one of the oldest universities, established in 1911. After 1978, When China opened up to the world, Tsinghua University transformed itself into a comprehensive research university. 

With Self disciple and commitment, the University has dedicated itself to the well-being of Chinese University. This University has also cultivated citizens who are now giving high standards to the Chinese economy. Tsinghua University is a research-based university that focuses on addressing China’s challenges. The University focuses on research topics of current relevance, which is an important feature that makes Tsinghua University the best.

The University has undergraduate, Graduate, PG and Research programs. The courses offered by Tsinghua University are also plenty. Numerous departments are open to all students, which includes the School of Architecture, Engineering, Marxism, Social Sciences, Law, Business and much more. 

Tsinghua University has well-maintained campus interiors, allowing students to feel and learn the lessons. The University has cafes, advanced libraries, amenity centres, auditoriums, etc., which adds to its attraction. The Housing and accommodation of this University consists of both on and off-campus. Various clubs for recreation and co-curricular activities extend the world for students. 

Tsinghua University has an organized platform for handling campus placements. Students can join these societies to get themselves trained for job interviews. 

Peking University

Peking is an ancient university established in 1898. During those times, Peking University was China’s supreme education authority. The top-quality creative students form its assets in several ways. More than 48000 students enrol in the University for their studies every year. 

The Global Academic Research programs invite fresh talents to the world. Undergraduate courses are its cornerstones. The University integrates general and professional education. The University always focuses on teaching a cross-disciplinary education system to develop a better humanity. Peking nourished 30+ Nobel prize laureates and is the second-leading University in China.

Peking has several online as well as offline programs for its students. Students can choose from various subjects like Science, Humanities, Environmental Science, Economics, Business, IMPA, MIR International Relations and much more. 

Peking also provides different services for students like cafes, supermarkets, cafes, ATMs etc. 

The University collaborates with many organizations where you can also be a part. Joining these Programs and events teaches you to adapt to a multicultural society. 

Fudan University

Fudan University is a public research university in Shangai established in 1905. The 17 schools and 69 departments, and several subjects, including post-doctoral research stations. Fudan enrols 45000 students each year, including online students. 

All the faculties are highly qualified trainers and play a significant role in the University’s development. According to some of the world’s most widely read university rankings, Fudan University is one of the top 100 universities worldwide and among the top five in China, according to several rankings, including the Times Higher Education World Academic Ranking of World Universities, and the QS World University Rankings.

Fudan University has Undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate programs, including 150 doctoral programs. The medium is officially Chinese, but a few subjects are also taught in English. Fudan specializes in various topics: Engineering, Medicine, Social Science, Economics, Cell Biology, and much more.

Around 700 undergraduates receive annual financing from Fudan’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program for their research projects. Additionally, students can choose from more than 300 student clubs, including nearly 20 international student organizations, to join when they need a break from their studies.

How expensive is China for Indian students?

Estimating how much money you’ll need to bring to pay your expenditures is crucial when preparing to study in China. The good news is that compared to other nations, the cost of living and studying in China is inexpensive. If you can obtain a scholarship in China, you can save a lot of money. The universities provide many scholarship programs for the sake of the students. 

Is China a better country for a better Career?

In simple words, yes. Due to China’s developing economy, many career opportunities are available to foreigners. After you get over the University, you’ll find competitive pay and a wide range of benefits.


China has recently climbed the ranks to become one of the leading study-abroad options for Indian students. Students in India also seek a good quality education and a better career opportunity in China. The cost of studying is also low compared to other countries.

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