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Beware, do not fall into fake document attestation services.

Obtaining your documents verified is necessary to demonstrate their legitimacy to foreign authorities, regardless of the cause for your external movement—whether it’s a job abroad, higher education, or another factor.

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When a person travels to another country, they must get their certificates attested. The process of certificate attestation is required for papers to be used internationally. For various reasons, every person travelling outside the country must have their certificates attested.

What is the purpose of certificate attestation?

There are many reasons for certificate attestation. Attestation depends on the purpose of travel. Here are some reasons why people attest to certificates:

  • Educational purpose

  • Employment

  • Resident Visa

  • Migration

  • Trading

  • Family maintenance

All forms of academic document authentication fall under the category of educational credential attestation. Attestation of educational certificates includes degrees, diplomas, HSCs, and SSLCs. All personal certificates, including birth, death, marriage, and other legal documents, are considered when attesting non-educational certificates. Documents of commerce, business, real estate, etc., are included in commercial certificates. Depending on the type of certificate that needs to be certified, certificate attestation processes change.

Types of certificate attestation

  • A document is authenticated through certificate attestation so that another nation can quickly confirm the validity of the specific document.

  • For hiring purposes, educational certificates are attested. The concerned embassy, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), and HRD must all certify it.

  • Civil Certificates—Birth, Marriage, etc.—for joining or relocating a family.

  • Commercial attestation- Anyone who wants to open a new branch or start a new business abroad must have their documents attested by the State Home Department, the MEA, and the relevant Embassy. It is a prerequisite for obtaining a business license overseas.

Three different types of attestation

  • State Attestation: State Attestation is the attestation by the state government. For an educational certificate, you need to get a state attestation.

  • MEA or Apostille: The most precious stamp on documents is the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) attestation, which can only be applied once the requested documents have been verified and authenticated by the appropriate authorities in the state the certificate was granted.

  • Embassy Attestation: Embassy attestation by the concerned embassy is after MEA attestation.

Procedures of Certificate attestation

The original certificates and a copy of the passport are the essential documents for attestation. Depending on the certificate attestation that needs to be done, the concerned authorities verify the documents. The relevant authorities seal and sign documents. Only the documents are regarded as confirmed after this process. While travelling outside of the country, certificate attestation is required. Certificates are essential for finishing the task. For the documents to be accepted in the target country, they must be confirmed. Increased certificate credibility will make it easier for the traveler to meet their needs. The certificate’s usability for international purposes is improved through certificate attestation. Aside from protecting illicit documents from immigrants, certificate attestation serves this purpose.


Verifying the certificates is essential before travelling to other countries. Be it any purpose, one needs to attest their certificates from a very authentic source. Unimoni Financial Service Ltd. assists you in attestation of every document diligently. We promise the process with utmost perfection and care.

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