France will Welcome 30,000 Indian Students by 2030!

On July 14th, Indian Prime Minister Modi was honoured as a guest by France to celebrate the strong and long-lasting collaboration between the two nations. This visit was deemed “historic” as it resulted in several announcements of bilateral cooperation in various fields. One of the significant areas of focus was research and higher overseas education, where new goals were established. France will welcome 20,000 Indian students by 2025 and 30,000 by 2030.

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Indo-French partnership, both nations have agreed to establish a roadmap that will guide their bilateral relationship until 2047. This remarkable year will mark 50 years of their strategic alliance and diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Promoting exchange for the benefit of youth!

In 2021, the Partnership Agreement on Migration and Mobility was implemented to strengthen our shared commitment to improving the mobility of students, graduates, academics, researchers, professionals, and skilled workers. India and France agree to further connect their people and economies by promoting tourism and making it easier for private sector and business community members to obtain visas.

As a reciprocal gesture, India and France will offer visa exemption for short stays to official passport holders and assess its effectiveness in 2026. Moreover, they will collaborate on initiatives that support the recognition of diplomas and professional qualifications to encourage skilled workers to move between the two countries.

Both countries aim to promote partnerships between higher education institutions, research centres, and private companies to enhance vocational and language training cooperation. They will reinvigorate efforts towards linguistic collaboration, promote French language teaching in Indian schools, facilitate exchanges and training of language teachers, and provide support for visa facilitation in exchange programmes. These initiatives highlight the significance of teaching each other’s languages and the crucial role of languages in fostering cross-border mobility.

India and France have committed to strengthening their academic ties and promoting student exchanges. They plan to develop joint training programs, similar to the Indo-French Campus on Health for the Indo-Pacific, and encourage research mobility in priority areas of science and technology. To create a community of Indian Alumni, France will issue five-year validity Schengen visas to Indians who have studied in France for at least one semester and reached the Master’s degree level at a French university recognized by the French university system. The students must also have an entirely acceptable file compliant with Schengen requirements.

France has set a goal to welcome 20,000 Indian students by 2025 and plans to increase this number to 30,000 by 2030. To achieve these targets, France will strengthen its efforts to promote studying in France and increase its staff dedicated to promoting education in India. Additionally, France will establish “International Classes” in French universities and other higher education institutions, providing Indian students with training in the French language and academic subjects. These classes will prepare students to enrol in Bachelor programs in the French language. The French government will pilot the creation of these classes, while the Indian government will work to promote them within the secondary education system in India.

India and France are committed to enhancing sustainable exchanges between their civil societies. They intend to strengthen the existing structures and mechanisms that facilitate such interactions, focusing on nurturing future leaders. Partnerships such as the France-India Foundation and the Alliances Françaises network in India will continue to play an inevitable role in this effort. Both countries are enthusiastic about promoting youth exchanges, such as the “International solidarity volunteering and civic service” scheme, to increase the number of French volunteers in India and Indian volunteers in France by 2025.

France has a long history of academic excellence and is home to some of the world’s top universities and institutions. Prominent universities in France include Sorbonne University, École Polytechnique, and Sciences Po. There are also specialized institutions and grandes écoles that focus on specific disciplines. When studying in France, international students can avail themselves of various scholarships, such as the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship, Charpak Scholarship, and the Erasmus+ program. Additionally, some universities offer scholarships or financial aid packages for international students. Planning and meeting all the requirements is essential to ensure a successful and fulfilling study abroad experience. If you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact Unimoni. We can help you obtain a student visa for France and handle your visa payments and accommodation arrangements.

With this ambitious roadmap, the India-France Strategic Partnership aims to expand into additional areas of collaboration and strengthen existing programs of mutual interest. Let’s acquire what we can from it!

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