Efficient and Immigration friendly countries in the world

Immigration Friendly Countries for Indian Students

Pursuing education abroad is a dream for many of us. Taking a major or a degree in a foreign university is simply an experience. Thinking about the immigration procedure makes us all step back because of the hectic and lengthy procedures. 

Immigration-friendly countries are the most selected and visited countries for studies. These countries have easy immigration & visa policies, work permits, quality of education etc. This blog is all about some immigration-friendly countries and their procedures.


Regarding immigration, Canada is one of the most incredible places for Indians. International students from around the world relocate to Canada for a bright future. Every year, there are more applications, and one of the leading causes is Canada’s welcoming and simple immigration laws. Canada gives the flexibility to secure visas and study, work, and post-graduation job permits. The flexibility is made possible by specific immigration eligibility requirements, a reduced focus on bureaucracy, high standards in education, and a healthy labour market. The availability of numerous visa categories, including visas for travel, study, employment, permanent residency, and the Express Entry Program, further increases the likelihood of migration. Canada values immigration and facilitates the integration of international students for their development.

The immigration system in Canada

The immigration system in Canada is one f the best and the most efficient in the world. There are many ways a person can migrate to Canada. Some of the very quick ways are:

  • Express Entry: Express Entry is the easiest and uses a point-based system to determine people’s Eligibility to enter Canada. These application entries are handled by the federal department of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Under this programme, the wait time for a visa could be as little as six months, and 67 points are required to set up an Express Entry profile.

  • QSWP (Quebec Skilled Worker Program): Here, Candidates with a job offer are given more priority. Candidates need not always need a job offer in QSWP.

  • Provincial Nominee Program: One can select a province while applying to the PNP, from which it will be simple to receive a nomination based on the profile. 

Standard/Common Eligibility for migration to Canada

  • Educational Background

  • Professional Profile

  • IELTS or related tests score

  • Reference and legal documents

  • Employment Documentation, if any.

New Zealand

The immigration policy of New Zealand is relatively easy. You can all thank the country’s quality of education and its cultural diversity. These are the reasons for students choosing New Zealand.

Student immigration procedure in New Zealand

  • Search for a study program

  • Check your language proficiency.

  • Search for a scholarship, if any.

  • Exams and entrance tests

  • Educational documents

  • Acceptance from the University

  • Move to NewZealand and search for a part-time job during your studies

Eligibility criteria for migration to New Zealand

  • Certificates of Education

  • Recommandation Letter

  • Motivation Letter

  • Language Certificate

  • Other documents, if any.


Australia is another country where you can finish the immigration procedures quickly. The country welcomes deserving students. International students have a higher opportunity to establish their careers in the nation because of the availability of permanent residency and post-study work permits. 

Immigration procedures in Australia

  • Choose your occupation if listed from SOL/ CSOL.

  • Get the skill assessment from the concerned authorities.

  • Submit an EOI (Expression Of Interest)

  • When a person’s profile is chosen, and they receive an invitation to apply, they have 60 days to submit their application and the immigration fees to get their visa approved.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The candidate should pass all the required language tests.

  • Minimum point criteria

  • Educational certificates and documents

  • Medical & character clearance certificates


Singapore is one of the best nations to offer a quality education. It gives you world-class facilities with research-oriented programmes. Students also receive a work permit because Singapore has one of the most stable and rapidly rising economies in Asia.

How to apply for a Permanent Residency in Singapore?

  • Professional, Technical Personnel & Skilled Workers Scheme (PTS Scheme), Global Investor Program Scheme (GIP Scheme) and Foreign Artistic Talent Scheme (ForArts Scheme)– These are the three ways by which Singapore offers PR Residency.

  • The PR application takes at least 6-12 months to process. Once the application is processed, The authority sends you an acceptance letter. 

Eligibility for a Singapore Visa

  • A Valid Passport

  • The candidate should not be a minor

  • The applicant is allowed to work only within the given permits.

  • Online permits take three weeks, while manual applications take almost eight weeks to process.


Norway is one of the safest and the most beautiful countries in the whole world. This country offers many free educational facilities. The eligibility requirements and immigration facilities are not that rigid. Due to this reason, Students often choose this country for their studies.

Immigration Procedures in Norway

Most students can study in Norway without a permit for three months. A study permit is necessary for people who spend more than three months looking in Norway. Anyone who desires to study in Norway and is from a nation outside the EU/EEA must apply for a study permit. One may apply for a residence permit to enrol at a bible school, folk high school, or a university college.

Eligibility for entering Norway

  • Acceptance letter from the university

  • Must be a full-time candidate

  • The candidate must be capable of paying the tuition fees and living expenses.

  • The boarding (accommodation) facility of the student should be confirmed. 

  • Language proficiency tests like IELTS and TOEFL must be cleared. 

The United States of America (USA)

The USA is considered the largest economy in the world in terms of education, jobs and finance. It is home to many large and reputed universities in the world. Students can also work part-time while studying. The students can learn in a world with different cultures and languages and get used to a dynamic environment. The immigration procedure in the USA is very flexible. 

Immigration Procedure of the USA

  • The person should have a sponsor or an immigrant petition filed before applying for a Visa.

  • Medical Clearance

  • Attending a job interview or Acceptance from Universities

  • Stay calm for your offer response.

Eligibility criteria

  • A Valid passport

  • DS-160 online application form(non-immigrant)

  • Receipt for the $160 application fee for a non-immigrant US visa


Germany is one of the most popular countries in the world for offering the best quality education. It is the automotive industry; thus, the students get ample job opportunities here. Anyone receives smooth immigration, so which quickens the visa procedures. It offers a variety of visas, including work visas, visas for job searching, student visas, visas for training, and visas for visiting scientists. Additionally, Germany offers straightforward pathways to permanent residency, drawing applicants from all around the world.

Student immigration in Germany

The universities charge significantly fewer fees in Germany, sometimes no fees at all. But a visa to study in Germany is a must. If your education visa is approved and you get your degree here, you can stay in Germany until you get a job(for a prescribed period). If you get a job, you can stay in Germany.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The student shall have enough amount in their accounts to meet their financial needs. This can ensure the well-being of the students while residing in Germany. 

  • Health Insurance

  • Language proficiency

The United Kingdom (UK)

It is one of the greatest nations for immigration, and deserving graduates and students want to establish a career there. The UK offers a variety of visas, including work, business, study, visiting, and settlement visas. Students and job seekers have many post-study options, and permanent residency facilities are available.

Immigration procedure for the UK

  • relocating to the UK after receiving a job offer.

  • Settling in the UK after graduating from college.

  • If you are engaged/married to, or a permanent resident of the UK, you can settle there.

  • Establishing a business by emigrating to the UK as an entrepreneur.

  • Relocating as an investor to the UK.

  • Candidates must pass IELTS.

  • Should meet all professional, medical and legal formalities

Eligibility Criteria for the UK

  • The UK follows a point-based system.

  •  English language proficiency score

  • To study in the UK, a student should pass a points-based exam, present proof of an admission letter from a school, show that they speak English fluently, and have the appropriate funds.


Finland is home to many renowned universities. Many students in India now prefer studying in Finland as its immigration procedure is very flexible. A temporary visa, a student visa, is available for courses lasting fewer than 90 days. Students must apply for a residence visa if the course lasts longer than 90 days. They are permitted to stay in Finland for a year with the help of a residence permit, which can be renewed after that time.

The procedure for applying for a Finland Student Visa

  • The first step is to apply online and fill out the form with the necessary information. 

  • Pay the application fees online or in person at the Finnish embassy or consulate.

  • Go to the Finnish embassy or consulate to submit your biometric data on the scheduled date.

  • The application processing time ranges from one to three months.

  • The residence permit must be obtained after arriving in Finland.

Eligibility for Finland Visa

  • Enrol in a University in Finland

  • The candidate should not have travel barriers.

  • The candidate should not have any criminal cases.

  • A person should not endanger Finland’s interests abroad.

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