Donate your blood for a reason, let the reason to be life

National Voluntary Blood Donation Day

People who donate blood are happier than the ones receiving it.”

Unimoni Financial Service Ltd. announced a campaign for all employees across India to voluntarily donate blood at the nearest hospital, medical college or blood bank as a part of the National Voluntary Blood Donation Day. The campaign started on September 24 – October 03, 2022, wherein employees from different branches actively participated remembering Dr. Jai Gopal Jolly- The Father of Transfusion Medicine.
Unimoni proudly witnessed the selfless acts of the employees from different states of India.

The National Voluntary Blood Donation Day

Every year, on October 01, the National Voluntary Blood Donation Day is celebrated in India. The same is observed in sharing the need and importance of blood in one’s life. The day was first celebrated on October 01, 1975, recognizing the immense contribution made by Dr Jai Gopal Jolly, the man regarded as the ‘Father of Transfusion Medicine’ in India.

Celebrating a day for donating blood motivates, encourages and stimulates blood donation. The day is observed to thank and strengthen the donors.

The most precious gift a person can give another is life, i.e., blood. It is the very essence of one’s life. It is saving someone and giving life to someone. It doesn’t matter who donates or receives blood- all that matters is the helping mentality of the person. Always remember- The donor of today can be the recipient tomorrow.

Objectives of National Voluntary Blood Donation Day



It is giving awareness to the public regarding the importance and benefits of donating blood. Many classes and seminars are conducted in society for general awareness. These awareness programs can motivate and encourage people to donate blood. 


Helping the needy:
 This day is often celebrated to help those people in need of blood. It can save the lives of millions of people. Donors may not even know to whom they are donating, but eventually, they are helping someone in need. 


To keep stock of blood:
 The National Voluntary Blood Donation day makes use of keeping enough stock in the blood banks. It ensures enough blood in the blood bank, and no patient dies without getting enough blood. So, donating blood is a noble cause, safe, healthy and one of the best ways to help others.

Thanksgiving Day: 
This day is observed to thank and congratulate the donors for volunteering and donating blood to save lives. It is to strengthen their self-esteem and motivate them to continue working to save humanity.

Encouraging Others: 
This day is often considered to motivate others who are healthy enough to donate blood. It is to encourage and educate eligible people for a better tomorrow. It is removing that fear from their mind. It is showing the right way of helping people in need. National Blood Voluntary Donation Day is also celebrated to change society and to follow life-saving measures. 


Importance of National Voluntary Blood Donation Day

Life is uncertain. Things may come uninvited. The need for blood is constant. Listed below are some of the important aspects of donating blood:

  • Blood is life. People may need a blood transfusion in various situations, like, heavy blood loss due to accidents or other uncertainties, heart procedures, major surgeries, childbirth, trauma, burn cases etc. So keeping bloodstock in the blood bank might help people in an emergency.

  • A patient with immune system disorders may need anti-body treatment, which involves a lot of blood.

  • Blood is also needed for people whose Haemoglobin count is less than 12.5gm weighing more than 45 kg.

  • Almost all severe health conditions need blood. So donating blood is saving a life. 

  • Blood cannot be manufactured; it should be passed from person to person, which might happen only when people donate their blood.

Blood Donation Process

The process of donating blood is simple. It is advisable to plan a donation in advance. The person should consult a doctor to ensure they are healthy and sound. Have plenty of water and be hydrated on the day of donating the blood. Wear comfortable clothes which are not so tight and communicate with the doctor if the person is undergoing any medication or treatments.  

Rules/ Eligibility for Blood Donation

Not everyone can donate blood. There are some eligibility criteria for donating blood. These criteria are thoroughly checked by the concerned authority.

A person needs to be healthy and physically fit to donate blood. He/she should be free from diseases like flu, cold or other infections. The person should be 18+ and maintain a gap of 3 months of donating blood.

It is advisable to conduct blood donation in a hospital, clinic or blood bank in the presence of a medical expert.

Advantages of Donating Blood

There are many advantages and merits to donating blood. Donating blood is not only saving the life of somebody but also helping oneself. Listed below are some of the interesting benefits of donating blood. 

  • Regular blood donations result in lower blood pressure and lower heart disease. It also helps in reducing cardiovascular diseases and prevents diseases like haemochromatosis- a skin disease in which excessive iron content is accumulated in the skin and tissues.

  • Blood donation helps in lowering the risk of cancer. 

  • Donating blood can put the heart and liver in a better condition.

  • It can help in reducing body weight.

  • Donating blood helps stimulate blood cells.


There is a need to donate blood as the donated blood can stay only for a few days. So more and more people should donate blood on a regular basis to keep enough stock in the blood bank. Apart from road accidents, many diseases need an urgent blood transfusion. 

Blood donation is the noblest cause one can do in a lifetime. It is being healthy at the same time, giving others life. The measure of life is donation, not its duration.

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