London, an international student destination

Offering 30000 courses through 45 universities, this city has become a hot destination for International Students.

London is a city with rich history, aspiring life and culture. The city has a unique personality due to its thriving culture and presence of over 100 nationalities. London is a garden of cultures, so thousands of travellers visit every year to see it.

Education is one of several significant travel-related reasons. For many of us, attending University in London is a dream. Concerns have been raised about London’s calibre and standard of educational opportunities. The city provides international student houses, which is an absolute comfort for the students. London gives something to everyone. This blog is all about some top Universities, courses offered, cost and expenses etc. offered in London. 

Top Universities in London

There are more than 45 universities in UK for higher education. Among these universities, some rank top, globally. Any courses like Law, medicine, technical, arts, dance, music etc. are on the list of these universities. The top ten universities to pursue your course in London are:

  • University of St Andrews: The oldest University in Scotland is this one. It is ranked among the best universities worldwide and on a national level. It has several institutions, three of which are colleges. The two main draws of this University are its academic programmes’ calibre and its students’ experiences. Some course topics are art, history, French, Italian, Persian, psychology, Spanish, Management etc. The University also provides Post Graduation programmes. 
  • University of Oxford: This University is top-rated in the world. It is highly selective, at the same time, one of the oldest Universities. The quality of education they provide is beyond explanation. Medicine, Linguistics, Natural sciences, Biomedical sciences, Computer Science, Archaeology, Languages etc. are some of the best courses offered here. Oxford University witnessed many events and was the school of many renowned leaders across the globe. 
  • University of Cambridge: University of Cambridge is again one of the oldest Universities in the world, with world-class facilities. Sixty miles north of London, this University narrates history. It was the school of more than 12 Nobel Prize laureates. The University also has one of the world’s most extensive libraries and museums. It also offers language tuition and computing support besides regular academic subjects. 
  • Imperial College London: TheImperial College London is a public research University in London. This University solely focuses on Medicine, Business, Science and Engineering. Here, students become a part of a community of top researchers. The employability and excellence offered here are one of the best across the globe. The research outputs are also equally good. 
  • London School of Economics and Political Science: This University is a research University in London. It belongs to the federal University of London as a constituent college. This University is well known for its courses in anthropology, accounting, finance, political Science, and other fields with practical applications. The many cultural attractions and leisure amenities are also available here.
  • Durham University: Durham University is a public research University and one of the world’s leading universities. Archaeology, religion, Theology, Anthropology, Classics etc. are some exciting and most opted subjects here. The teaching departments are the strongest, ensuring quality education and world-class treatments. 
  • University College London: University College London is again a public research university that is part of the Federal University of London. The admission is competitive, but the number of Post Graduation enrolment is high. The quality of education and the student development skills, in addition, give the Student his degree and quality of life. Engineering sciences, Life Sciences, Medical Sciences, Built Sciences, Arts and Law are some of the top courses offered here. 
  • University of Warwick: Being a public research university, it provides one of the best research and educational opportunities. Mathematics and Statistics are the two main attractive courses here, with English and Literature being the best. The University provides the best experiences with quality facilities.
  • University of Bath: the University of Bath is well known for its research excellence. The multi-cultural student community with a vibrant student-friendly campus brings out the best in them. The number of student graduate employment is also on the higher side in this University. The University is very popular for its courses in Archaeology and Criminology. Sports, Science, Mechanical Engineering etc. are also some of the courses offered here. 
  • Loughborough University: Loughborough University is again a public research University since 1966. A degree in Business studies is highly valued here. The University is also known for its quality sports teams. 

Popular Courses in London

  • Nursing: Degree and Post-graduation at pre- and post-registration levels and training courses are offered in London. You can become a capital nurse by linking with all the nursing students in London. It gives you support for your dream career.
  • Psychology: You can find good schools and Universities to pursue Psychology. The Department of Psychology is strong in the country with good faculties. 
  • Law: A degree in Law provides you with a good carrier. There are many top Universities here to provide you with good Law Courses. Some Universities in London rank at the top for Legal studies. The legal profession is a great thing to pursue in life. 
  • Computer Science: Any qualification in Computer Science, be it a degree or PG, you get the best jobs. The future lies in the hands of your fingertips. This course is one of the most demanding courses in London. 
  • Design Studies: This includes any design studies like Interior Designing, Fashion Designing, Communication Designing, Industrial Designing etc. You get the best colleges as well as the best faculties in London.
  • Preclinical Medicine: Preclinical Medicine Courses are now gaining importance in London. It is a 5-year program that you can pursue in a medical school. Students get to work with diverse clinical issues and patients.
  • Sports and Exercise Science: Sports and Exercise Science teaches you to support services to sports and Physical Sciences. The Student gets a list of famous universities in London to choose.
  • Subjects Allied to Medicine: These are subjects which help the medical field. It includes Pathology, Dentistry, Nutrition, Pharmacology, Dietetics etc. These are the courses trending and job definite courses.
  • Business and Administration Studies: Almost all Universities in London offers this course. Both degree and PG courses are offered in Universities like Oxford, Cambridge, Warwick etc. 
  • Management Studies: You can study your favourite management studies from any of London’s top-rated universities. You get full-time and both part-time courses for this very course. 

Why do you study in London?

London is a city with grace and varied cultures. The cultural diversity you experience in London is beyond words. The city offers a rich history and tradition. Students choose London for several reasons like:

  • High-quality education: The quality of education, communication, critical thinking, problem-solving etc., are primary education boosts here. The Student gets to refer to a rich library facility, and it is the world of education with many award-winning scholars.
  • International students: Students from different parts of the world are welcome to any University in London. Every University in London gives a warm welcome to their guest students in every possible way. The Universities give you every detail and information about the course and the college.
  • The courses offered: The courses offered in a city like London are infinite. The 45+ Universities providing different courses in different subjects are the main attraction of students choosing London as their place of study. The students get many sub-courses not available in many parts of the world. 
  • High standards of teaching: The faculties in London Schools and Universities are very well qualified. They can handle both national and international students well. The special training and tutoring to learn the London accent become helpful to the students. The demo and the practical classes held in the Universities pave an excellent way.
  • Shorter courses: In London, Students have the option of enrolling in shorter programmes, like diploma programmes, making things easy to get a job. These are mostly job oriented courses . You can take many of these courses concurrently with your graduation or after that. By selecting these quick courses, students can also work specific part-time jobs.
  • Scholarships and funding: You get several numbers of scholarship programs to study in London. Many International scholarships and funding programs help Student to pursue their dreams. Many banks also offer educational loans with less interest to study abroad. 
  • Work while you study: Students can work part-time for 20 hours a week on holidays while studying in London. Students can find lots of part-time jobs after their college time. This brings out the best in them with a habit of saving. They can meet their daily expenses with the job and gain some work experience.
  • High employment rate: When the students get a quality education and good faculties, they tend to achieve a better jobs. Many colleges and Universities offer placement fairs, so students get placed in different positions. Many placements happen every year to recruit students. Students can also participate in trade fairs. 
  • Develop excellent language skills: Developing language skills is another advantage of studying in London. Some Universities offer additional language and accent training classes. You can experience various cultures from different nationalities. 

Cost of living, accommodation and expenses in London

London/ UK is anyone’s dream destination for their studies. You need to know certain things before you choose a place to study. 

  • University tuition fees in the UK
  1. The home status fee: These are lower fees paid by local students
  2. The international fee: These are fees paid by non-EU/EEA students.
  • The student living cost in the UK 

The student living cost in the UK averages 1000 EUR per month. Small towns can offer you a budgeted amount of 700-1200 EUR/month. However, working while pursuing your studies can provide you with better opportunities and enough funds to live. Students with scholarships find it easy to live in London.

  • Student Accommodation in the UK

Numerous colleges in the UK provide dorm rooms for students. These homes offer great value and have total costs that include utilities costs. The majority of first-year students favour living in residence halls.

The students who prefer to stay outside will have an accommodation expense of 90-150 EUR/month. Leaving out gives them a sense of the real world.

  • Food Costs in the UK

Food is one thing you cannot skip. Average food and grocery expenses cost 120-250 EUR per month in the UK. The expenses can go higher if they eat out. Students can also use cafeterias at universities, where they sell food at a very cheap rate. Daytime breakfast and dinner are served here with veg, vegan, and non-vegetarian foods. Students can also cook their meals to manage their expenses.

  • Transportation costs

Students can opt for public transport and can avail of the Student offers. The Student gets specific discounts (which may vary) depending on the city. It is very well connected and most of all very convenient. Simply cycling around the city is also economical. The transportation cost, on average, comes to 30- 40 EUR per month.  

  • Household bills

Household bills are again indispensable forms of bills. Electricity, water, entertainment etc., fall under this expense. Apart from the fees remitted, all these expenses come along your way. All household bills average 300-400 EUR/month. It can vary depending upon the city you live in and the lifestyle you follow. 

Every cost availed during your studies is manageable by proper planning and spending. Student part-time job policy, scholarships, student discounts etc., helps you manage the expenses. 


Home to many well-known Universities, London is a popular destination for your studies. In addition to high academic standards, London provides many more benefits for your stay. The UK always has something for everyone. Anyone is drawn to the UK by the abundance of short- and long-term courses, employment possibilities, and placements. Educational quality and the campus atmosphere the Universities offer are one’s most significant experiences in life. Spend your student years at any of the popular Universities in London. Get yourself a promising career and life in the city. 

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