Things You Should Know While Applying for a Green Card


How to get a green card?

Are you looking to stay and work in the US legally? A green card is the official Permanent Resident Card that allows individuals to do so. With a green card, you can permanently live in the US and exploit the country’s opportunities.

It’s important to understand the process of obtaining a green card and how it may differ based on your circumstances. To help manage your finances while living abroad, we will introduce Unimoni for smart and secure foreign currency transactions.

The eligibility categories for a Green Card

To move forward with obtaining your green card, you must first identify which qualifying category you fit into. The following are the most typical conditions for applications. 

  • Family: If you have relatives who are citizens or legal residents of the US, you may be eligible for a green card. This includes parents, siblings, children, and spouses.
  • Employment: A firm in the United States may sponsor an immigrant going to the country for jobs to apply for a green card. Depending on their skill set, occupation, and job history, immigrants who are seeking a green card because of their employment must choose the right visa.
  • Refugee or asylee: You can apply for a green card with refugee or asylee status. Before using, you had to have your status for at least a year.
  • Crime Victims: Depending on their situation in the US, victims of crime and human trafficking may be able to apply for green cards. Crime victims need a U non-immigrant visa, whereas victims of human trafficking need a T non-immigrant visa.
  • Victim of abuse: If you have experienced abuse from an American citizen or permanent resident, you can apply for a green card. This applies to partners, children, and parents who have been abuse victims.
  • Registry: Green cards can be applied for by Americans who have been citizens for a significant amount of time. Anyone who entered the country before 1972, lived there continuously and avoided difficulty with the law is considered a registry applicant.   

How to apply for a Green Card?

Obtaining a Green Card in the US involves multiple steps, and there are various approaches to getting one. To initiate the Green Card application process, one can apply through the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Green Card Eligibility:

  • Get a sponsor: You usually need a sponsor to apply for a Green Card. The typical scenarios in which you’ll have a sponsor are listed below. 

 An immediate Family member in the country

  1. Obtaining a marriage green card to marry your partner.
  2. An employment opportunity and a company sponsor
  3. You can apply for a green card independently in other circumstances. Applications for asylum and refugee status are a few typical examples of this.

Once you submit your green card petition, you must wait to see if any visas are available in your category. You can only proceed with the process once a visa becomes available.

  • Fill out the application: Submit a green card application to proceed with the government’s approval. The specific form to be filled out will depend on your current location.

There are different forms to fill out as the cause of living in the US may differ depending upon the person. 

  • Make your biometric appointments: To obtain a green card in the United States, immigrants must provide their biometric data, including a photo, signature, and fingerprints. The government uses this information to conduct background checks before proceeding with the application process.
  • Interview Process: Once you have submitted your biometric data to immigration officials, the next step is to schedule your naturalisation interview. During this interview, you will discuss your past, educational background, and other relevant aspects of your application.

You’ll be asked about your personal history and must take an English and civics test to assess your background, As part of the application process. After completing these steps, you must hear back about your application status.

Green card status check

To check the green card status of your immigration case, begin by searching online for the immigration case website. Once you locate it, enter your receipt number to receive an updated status. Alternatively, you can contact the USCIS Contact Center via phone to speak with an immigration official and receive an update. This process is simple.

How do you renew your Green card?

You must submit Form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card, to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to renew your green card. Here are the steps you should follow:

  • Download and fill out Form I-90 from the USCIS website or request a paper copy by calling the USCIS Forms line at 1-800-870-3676.
  • Gather the required supporting documents, such as a copy of your expiring or expired green card, two passport-style photos, and proof of your current address.
  • Pay the filing fee, currently $540, online or by mail.
  • You can submit your application and accompanying documents to USCIS online or by mail.
  • Attend a biometrics appointment, where USCIS will take your fingerprints, photograph, and signature.
  • Wait for USCIS to process your application. With the USCIS Case Status Online service, you can check the status of your application. 

Begin the renewal process of your green card at least six months before it expires. This will allow sufficient time for processing.

When to replace a green card?

Lawful Permanent Residents

As a lawful permanent resident, it is necessary to replace your Green Card if: 

  • Your current card has expired or will expire in the next six months.
  • Your last card was lost, stolen, mutilated, or destroyed.
  • You received your card before turning 14 and have since turned 14 (unless your card will expire before your 16th birthday).
  • You were previously a commuter and are now taking up actual residence in the US, or vice versa.
  • Your status has been updated to permanent resident automatically, including special agricultural worker applicants who converted to permanent resident status.
  • Your current card contains incorrect information. 
  • Your immigration status cannot be proven by outdated forms such as USCIS Form AR-3, Form AR-103, or Form I-151.
  • Since receiving your last card, you have legally changed your name or other biographic information. 
  • You have never received the card that was issued to you.

Conditional Permanent Residents

If you hold a conditional permanent residence status, you need to replace your Green Card in the following situations:

  • Your last card was lost, stolen, mutilated, or destroyed.
  • The information on your card is incorrect.
  • If you have updated your name or personal details since the last time you received your card, please be aware that this may impact its validity.
  • You never received the card we previously issued to you

How do you replace a Green card?

To replace a Green Card, to replace your permanent resident card, you must submit Form I-90 to US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). You must obtain a new card as quickly as possible if you misplace or destroy your current one. Replacing your lost or stolen Green Card as soon as possible is inevitable to avoid potential identity theft or legal issues.

How to be on the safer side without being in Green card scams?

Green card scams are unfortunately common and can lead to significant financial losses and legal troubles for victims. To avoid falling prey to green card scams, you should: 

Visit the official website of USCIS to ensure that you are on the correct path. Scammers often create fake websites like USCIS to trick people into providing personal information and money.

  • Beware of unsolicited emails or phone calls because USCIS will never contact you by email or phone to request personal information or payment for immigration services. 
  • Use only certified immigration consultants or attorneys. If you need help with your immigration paperwork, use only accredited immigration consultants or attorneys. 
  • Do not pay for free government services. Several government services can be availed free of cost or at a nominal fee. Be wary of anyone who promises to expedite your application for a fee.


The Green Card serves as a form of identification that confirms an individual’s permanent residency status in the United States. The USCIS provides the card and enables the cardholder to live and work in the US lawfully and permanently. 

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