Immersing oneself in the french culture through education is the most impactful means of altering our global perspective

Study in France for International Students

France is the best choice if you’re looking for a foreign location with a stellar academic reputation. It is one of the nations that provide excellent educational opportunities for international students in a secure and friendly environment.

As a long-standing European and international hub for philosophy, the arts, culture, and science is a current hub for global business, technology, and tourism, choosing to study abroad in France will add extra value to your life and career. This blog is all about the famous universities in France. 

Why do Indian students choose France for their studies?

Indian students choose France for a variety of reasons.

  • Inexpensive Education: Unlike US universities, France’s universities are less expensive. French Universities offer many affordable courses for their students. Moreover, there are many benefits programmes which befit the students needs at their best. 
  • Reduced Transport & Accommodation cost: The transportation and accommodation costs are very comforting in France. Bike renting is very common in France for hassle-free travel. Students even get travel discounts for using public transportation. 
  • Quality of Education: The education offered in France is beyond comparison. The well-equipped classrooms and quality of lectures are some of the main attractions of France. 
  • Scholarship programs: France offers many different scholarship programmes to students to meet university fees. Both the government and the University itself have various programs for students.

Best Universities of France

France offers a wide selection of universities for students. It also provides both short and long-term courses. It covers various studies like Vocational programs, medicine, technical studies, pharmacy, fashion, media, accounts etc. 

The facilities and faculty guidance offered to the students is beyond words, so who decides not to study in France?

Below listed are the three popular universities in France:

PSL Research University

Paris Sciences et Letters, PSL is a public research-based university located in Paris, France. PSL was established in 2010 with 11 constituent schools. Committed to excellence in education and research, PSL is a global university which aims to reflect and represent the future of society. 

PSL mainly focuses on research programs. The University promotes different geography and diversity. The rich network of student communities brings the students talents and gives them timely assistance in rebuilding the future. 

PSL actively works to advance science, technology, education, and the arts throughout society. The employees participate in national and international discussions and the formulation of public policy in their capacity as public service members. The social responsibility of PSL University’s students is valued and encouraged, both individually and via their student organisations. Every aspect of the work, research, instruction, and everything else incorporates an understanding of sustainable development goals.

PSL offers 10 Undergraduate programs, 60 Diploma courses, PhD degrees and much more. Some of the courses offered by PSL are anthropology, Archeology, Plastic Arts, Chemistry, Law, Economics, Geography, History, Science, Mathematics etc. PSL provides a wide variety of subjects to choose from. 

The Campus has well-equipped libraries which have vast collections of books and referrals. The Campus also has museums and cafes catering to students’ needs. 

University of Paris

With one of the most extensive and ambitious educational programmes accessible in the world, Université Paris Cité (University of Paris) offers instruction across various topics. Our University, which has over 20 campuses and research facilities, has a distinguished history in Paris. Université Paris Cité, a global leader in higher education, has a proactive role to play in meeting the needs and ambitions of society. Through its leading-edge research, it offers transformational and creative educational programmes that enable its students and faculty to positively affect a constantly changing world. 

The University of Paris has a higher tolerance for International students. Students have many possibilities to exchange projects or ideas and multiply valuable experiences at Université Paris Cité thanks to the vibrant community life there. The student support system at the University of Paris is excellent. The Associative Life department of the Campus assists the students in their association. 

The University of Paris has many faculties like Health, Science, Social & Humanities, Earth Physics etc. This University has several options of subjects to choose from. There are 21 libraries at Université Paris Cité that support learning and research. This also includes electronic documentation. The University of Paris offers many scholarship programs and grants to support students. Both the government and University itself provide aid and support to students. Conditions like nationality, age, resource conditions etc., are the main criteria for Scholarship programs. 

The main focus of the University is ‘public research’. The European Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) aims to enhance the practices of research organisations and institutions in terms of researcher recruitment and working conditions in the field of academic research. The University believes that fundamental research shapes the future of the nation. 

Sorbonne University

Sorbonne University is one of the leading universities in France, established in 1150. Sorbonne Institution is a world-class, multidisciplinary research university. It is devoted to its students’ success and tackling the scientific challenges of the twenty-first century. It is located in the heart of Paris and has a regional presence. Sorbonne is considered to be one of the best universites of Paris. 

Sorbonne University has four faculties: Arts, Medicine, law and Theology. It offers a wide range of courses. From Bachelor’s to doctoral degrees, the University gives wide opportunities in selecting discipline. The single and multidisciplinary academic programs enable the students to build personalised career paths depending upon the interest and skills of the students. 

Computational Mechanics, Master of computer science, Arts & Humanities, Medicine, Science & Engineering etc., are some popular subjects at Sorbonne University. The primary objective of the University is to enrich and master knowledge in all of its forms, whether via research, instruction, contributing to innovation, or knowledge transfer. As the research program is the main focus of this University, it focuses on contemporary issues and societal challenges. Sorbonne University is a significant contributor to the advancement of knowledge. Its vibrant community has international clout and first-rate repute. 

This diverse disciplinary spectrum flows into interdisciplinary axes in the form of multidisciplinary topic institutions. Sorbonne University has 135 research centres and 100 research platforms organised into three faculties. The vibrant Campus and the student societies give a different experience to your student life. The placement cells working on the Campus organise company recruitments and provide training to the students. 

Job opportunities in France for Indian students

France is one of the strongest economies in the world, with an excellent chance for employment. The unemployment rate in France is so low, which comes to about 9%. 

The country always welcomes fresh talents. The engineering and telecommunications industry has a huge success story in France. Advanced engineering is one of the best industries to work in France. After the outbreak of the pandemic, many companies in France promote works from home jobs. France is also a place for freshers.

France’s work culture is also considered one of the best in the world. French culture always emphasises a work-life balance. Workers are eligible for a whole life pension at the age of 62. Works are assigned in flexible hours. 

Life in France is also one of the greatest reasons to work in France. Shops are closed on Sundays to ensure all employees have enough relaxation each week. Also, the climate and food contribute equally to working in France.

Cost of living in France for indian students

On average, living in France will cost 2000- 2400$. The cost of living in France entirely depends upon students, their accommodations facility, food habits, lifestyles etc. Your weekly food expenses will vary if you buy at an out-of-town grocery chain or a nearby grocery. Bulk purchasing from the city’s outskirts causes huge differences in the bill. 

The living expenses in France may vary in the case of the accommodation facilities. Most of the universities in France offer dorms and stay-in facilities for their students. In most cases, the stays provided by the universities will be on the University premises. Students can also rent apartments and other housing facilities for their stay.

Universities in France provide a post-work permit regardless of nationality and course. Making use of eligible scholarships can also give a budget living. Always try to use the public transport system, which is way cheaper when compared to other European and American countries. Planning a proper budget and making use of every student concession available in the country can create wonders!


French education is one of the classical education from time immemorial. Students at a French institution are immersed in the magnificent French culture. While learning, students may expect a delightfully engaging atmosphere that brings students from all over the world together. With so many people from all over the world attending college in France is surely a unique experience that may provide you with fun and adventure. 

Students may undoubtedly enjoy their time as students in France. There is never a dull moment in the lives of students attending French institutions, but are you worried about getting admission to French Universities?

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