The land of Kangaroos gives wings to your dreams and will open up a new world for your entire career.

Top Universities in Australia

Australia is a sovereign country on the mainland of the Australian continent. The tropical beaches ad the marine reserves makes it a real island nation. 

This island nation caters for a reputed position in the field of Education. Today, several students from India travel to Australia to pursue their Education.

Why do Indian students choose Australia for higher Education?

Thousands of Indian students travel to Australia to pursue their Education every year. Why do Indian students migrate to Australia for Education?

  • Safety & Security: Australia provides a safe and secure environment for students. The country has a stable economy which adheres to the same. 
  • World-class Education: Australia provides world-class education facilities to students. Most of the universities provide well-trained experts to handle lectures. The placement cells work well in universities.
  • Favourable immigration: Australian government provide favourable immigration to international students. This makes the visa procedures a lot easier. 
  • Research &Innovation: New Zealand universities allow you to choose from various topics for research-based studies. The well-equipped labs and super-qualified teachers cater to your research.
  • Work permit: Most universities provide work permits after class hours. It not only helps the students earn a living but also gives them an entrance to living their life.

Top three Universities of Australia

Universities of Australia provide world-class Education and the best campus experience. One can just roam around the campus and enjoy its purity and facilities. There are many universities in Australia which give the best Education. Three of them are:

University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is a public research university founded in 1853. It is the most ancient university in Victoria and also the leading university in Australia. 

Australia’s cultural capital, Melbourne, paves a long path for international students. Throughout your studies, you will receive academic and personal assistance, mentorship programmes, and co-curricular opportunities. The multi-culture and diversity of student communities represent more than 200 clubs and societies. These experiences are unmatched. 

The welcoming environment and the excellent teaching provide a rich university experience and cater to the career and development growth of the students. 

Meeting your academic counsellors each semester brings you that bond and connection towards them. It brings a bond to learning and increases the student’s confidence level. The university also provides opportunities to build your capabilities with many extracurricular activities. Students can choose from the university catalogue and join the club to enhance their talents. 

The University of Melbourne gives a wide range of courses. Students have the option to select from these courses. Undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, research programmes and short-term courses are some of the main streams to choose from. Accounting, Architecture, Arts & Culture, BioSciences, Composition, Dance, Data & Analytics, Ecosystem science etc., are some of the courses offered. In addition to this, there are several courses in the university wherein Dentistry, Pharmacology, and Medical studies are the best of the bests.

The university also provides several scholarship programmes to students. It has also expanded many programmes that help students graduate from Melbourne. Welcome scholarships and merit-based are some of the main among them.

Student accommodation is also the best in the country as it has many facilities and amenities. The university also has excellent working student placement cells, which gives the students ample experience to get trained for the outside world.

The University of Sydney

The University of Sydney is located in Sydney and is a public research university established in 1850. It is considered to be one among the oldest universities in Australia. It is a sandstone university which has 8 faculties and university schools.

There are 5 Nobel Prize winners associated with this university. It has a challenging tradition of 170+ years. The Univerity’s cultural community exhibits the best arts, history and performances. 

The excellence in teaching and researches make the university a better world. The culture, technology, environment, and health are all impacted by complex global concerns, which educators, academics, and thought leaders are addressing. Teams of researchers are working across faculties to develop greener fuels, faster internet, treatments for chronic illnesses, and more environmentally friendly ways of living. 

There are many faculties & schools in the university, such as the Faculty of Social Sciences, Engineering, Medicines, Science, Architecture, Business, Law and much more. 

Being the best public research university in Australia, the research scholars publish thousands of articles and books annually.

 The university is also at the forefront of COVID-19 research. This university helps the government reshape the recovery. 

The university also provides several scholarship programmes and accommodation facilities to the students. 

Australian National University(ANU)

Australian National University is a public research university established in 1946. Since 1946, ANU is the leading the charge in influencing Australia’s global consciousness. The university offers undergraduate and graduate students from all around Australia and the world a variety of degrees, including flexible double degrees, as well as the support of more than 3,000 academic and professional personnel.

ANU research is ranked above the global norm and supports students’ learning. It addresses the crucial concerns facing today’s complicated world, including regional security, food, energy alternatives, biodiversity, and climate change. The study of physics, engineering, the humanities, and the arts are other research fields. The campus offers nearly everything you’ll need throughout your studies, including cafes, pubs, child care, gyms, medical facilities, and supermarkets, in addition to modern lecture rooms, laboratories, multiple libraries, and a variety of student housing.

One hundred fifty cultural, social, and academic organisations are available at the institution, including a chess society, cuisine, dance, debating groups, a science revue, and a sign language collective. You can start your club if there is yet to be one that already fits your interests.

There are many options for students when it comes to scholarships. These can help the students to cover the tuition fees. 

The study programs include Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Research Programmes. Health & Medicine, Engineering, Communication etc., are some of the most significant subjects offered to students.

How good is the job market in Australia for international students?

Australian universities allow you to work part-time while you study at the universities. It can help the students meet their living costs and give them a better world of the living. 

Students must join the recruitment cells to obtain an expert interview and test training. It can give you confidence while attending job interviews. The Australian job market is highly competitive but also welcomes skilled workers.

Cost of living in Australia

The cost of living in Australia is lightly expensive, but still, many students choose Australia for their studies as it is one of the best countries to pursue their Education. The average cost of student expenses starts from 1400-2000 AUD (depending on the person).

The students can use several scholarship programs and work part-time to meet the expenses. Choosing an economical spot for accommodation near the university can help save travel costs. Managing your payments wisely can lead to a better life in Australia.


Australia has the most outstanding universities, which provide a world-class education system. Many students from India migrate to Australia to pursue their studies. These universities not only shape their studies but also shapes their career.

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