The Country Best Suits Your Educational Needs and Brings Some Handpicked Universities With World-Class Academic Opportunities.

Top Universities in the Germany 2023

The Federal Republic of Germany is one of the most populous countries in Europe. It is a country with beautiful landscapes, lighted streets and a group of welcoming people.  

Germany is a country with several global universities. It also has many scholarship programmes, which makes things much easier. The learning cost is way cheaper in Germany compared to other European countries. 

Why do Indian students choose Germany for education?

Germany has always remained the pioneer of education. The Number of Indian students flowing to Germany for higher studies is rising daily. The main reasons for Indian students to choose Germany are the following:

Top Universities: Germany has top-class universities offering high-quality education and practical training in arts and other entertainment programs. Almost every University is globally recognized, increasing job opportunities worldwide.

Wider availability of courses: The Universities in Germany have a wider selection of courses. It gives subjects for studies from all walks of life. Many courses are available, like UG, PG, certificate courses, PhD etc.

English-taught programmes: In Germany, English is the medium of teaching and communicating even though German is a mandatory subject. Students can learn the language from native speakers, a great way to explore and flourish in the competitive world.

A cheaper way of studying: The cost of studying and living in Germany is way too low compared to other European countries. 

Student visa & Post-study permit: The student visa gives the student a work permit of 20 hours a week during university time and full employment during vacations. This can help the students pay for their expenses without depending on their parents. The post-work permit also allows students to stay back in Germany for 18 months. 

Safe& Secure: Germany is a safe and secure country that gives its people full protection. The country is politically stable, and the international students feel a secure home away from home.

Top 3 Universities in Germany

The universities of Germany are world-class universities with the best facilities, education quality and the finest campus experience. Some of the top universities in Germany are:

Technische Universität München 

TUM is a technical, public research university specializing in Medicine, Technology, and applied and natural sciences. The University was established in 1868, is 154 years old and one of the most oldest universities in the world. The University comprise 8 schools and departments and is supported by numerous research programmes. It is one of the largest universities with a student enrollment of 50,000/per year. 

TUM provides various bachelor’s degree programmes, some of which allow students to earn a combined or double degree. A higher education entrance qualification is one of the entry requirements; however, admission standards differ between courses; therefore, you should check the profile of your chosen programme for accurate information. If you’re not a native speaker of either language, you may need to demonstrate your competency in both (German/English) depending on the programme. There are no tuition expenses at the bachelor’s degree level at TUM. Bachelor’s in Management studies is one of the main courses of study here.

TUM offers Master’s degree as well. Students can fill the online application forms to apply for the same. Some of them include Masters in Consumer Science, Management & Innovation, Management & Technology etc.

TUM offers programmes such as Executive MBA in IT, Business & Innovation, Business Creation etc. 

Students can make use of the different scholarship programmes available at TUM. You can apply for scholarships depending on the eligibility of the students. Other scholarship programmes are available to students besides University scholarships, which can save them from tuition fees to an extent.

There are also many campus societies of which you can be a part. These societies help the students increase their language and accent learning. It also helps the students to adjust to a multicultural society.

The Alumni & Career Recruiting portal offers a selection of attractive jobs immediately after the University. Students can be a part of that society which will help them to get an attractive career after their studies. Internship programmes are also available with this recruitment cell. Companies utilize this portal to find the right candidate.

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

LMU is a public research university in Munich, Germany. The University was established in 1472 and is considered one of the world’s oldest universities. Due to student enrollment, LMU is the second-largest University in Germany. 

LMU is associated with 48 Nobel Prize winners. The University of Munich maintains 18 faculties and several research centres actively engaged in numerous interdisciplinary and cross-faculty initiatives. 

LMU is a centre for research and cultures. All the faculties are trained experts who improve the quality of education. Programs at LMU combine education, creativity, and access to the most recent research. The University’s academic offerings cover a wide range of subject areas, from Veterinary Medicine to Ancient History.

LMU will not disappoint you. It offers a variety of stimulating academic opportunities. This University offers over 300+ degree programs, many summer courses, and exchange opportunities. Some courses offered here are Legal studies, Data Science, Quantitative Economics, Theoretical and Mathematical Physics and much more. 

LMU also offers several online courses, from Basics of marketing to Medical diagnostics. LMU offers special lessons for international students to learn German and be acquainted.

The long-term objective of LMU Munich is to rank among the top universities in the world in all four of its academic areas: humanities and cultural sciences; law, economics, and social sciences; natural sciences; and medicine.

Therefore, LMU seeks to recruit top academics at all career levels, foster creative research ideas, and expand its governance concept and approach to the intersecting concerns of equity and inclusion, globalization, and digitization.

Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg is a public research university in Heidelberg, Germany. It was established in 1386 upon the instruction of Pope Urban VI. It is one of the ancient and most renowned universities in the whole world. The University has twelve faculties and provides degree programmes in almost 100 undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral subjects. There are three main campuses in Heidelberg.

The University offers undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral programs in nearly 100 areas through its twelve faculties. In Heidelberg, there are three main campuses. There are 57 Nobel Prize winners associated with this University.

This University gives great importance to international students. International students from 130 countries account for more than 20% of the student community. 

This University also has an extensive collection of printed books which amounts to 6.7 million. 

Enrolled with 29,187 students, the University is rich in growth and academics. The Heidelberg University offers an almost unrivalled range of subject combination choices in Germany, with a spectrum of more than 180-degree programmes. Some of the subjects include American studies, Anthropology, Art & History, Biology, Biochemistry and much more. The University has the option to combine the individual subjects, which can be combined to a collective Degree.

Heidelberg Institution considers the solid theoretical and methodological competence visible in its topics and disciplinary cultures vital to its scientific endeavours. Heidelberg University is a research university with an international focus. The University is aware of its social obligations and unique capacity to handle complex issues crucial to advancing humanity through interdisciplinary collaboration, in addition to its disciplinary strengths.

Job opportunities post-study in Germany

Working in Germany is open to international students right after University. Graduates with Master’s degrees have golden opportunities in the German market. 

Most of the universities in Germany have placement cells which allow them to attend campus recruitments. These cells organize training and mock interview sessions to develop the inner skills of the students. Moreover, the Universities help in developing their extra-curricular talents.

Last but not least, Germany offers a visa for 18 months right after University so students can look for a better job. 

Cost of living in Germany

The cost of living in Germany is way cheaper when compared to other European countries. On average, international students in Germany usually need to spend 850 Euros every month, depending on the person.

Students can avail of different scholarship programmes from the university and other sources. Many universities offer a work permit for 20 hours weekly to meet student expenses. 

International students can use cheaper residential houses and university residences. This helps them to save a lot on their living expenses. 


Germany is one of the greatest countries for those who encourage their desire to study abroad. More than 400 educational institutions are welcoming students from around the globe. However, you must first apply for a visa to move to Germany and pursue a degree there. A blocked account is also required.

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