Unimoni's Study Abroad Forex Card : More than Just Forex!

Suppose you plan on diving into the academic world of opportunities in countries like Canada, the UK, the USA, Australia, or any other place you choose. In that case, you must be frantically hunting for a sound travel card for students that can ease your study abroad. Forex cards for students are an essential weapon in preparing for the journey towards fulfilling your dreams of studying in a new country. Unimoni understands students’ and parents’ desires and concerns and is here to help you learn some essential aspects of student travel cards. Here you have Unimoni‘s Study Abroad Forex Card!

What is a Student Travel Card?

Regarding education forex, a forex card created for international students is a payment card that permits transactions to be made in foreign currencies while travelling overseas. Unimoni’s Study Abroad Forex Card is an easy and secure option, and it is perfect for anxious parents or excited students searching for security and convenience in one place. To assist learners in achieving their aspirations, forex cards for students offer numerous benefits and can save significant amounts of time and money.

How does Unimoni’s Study Abroad Travel Card for students work with Forex?

If you need to take money when travelling abroad, several options are available such as travellers’ cheques, Foreign Exchange Demand Drafts, wire transfers, and Forex Cards. The Forex Card is considered the safest and most convenient among these options. Many banks worldwide offer Forex Cards for various purposes, including student travel and pilgrimage. Students travelling or studying abroad can enjoy numerous benefits on all transactions using a Student Travel Card in conjunction with their Forex Card.

What are some of the features of Unimoni’s Study Abroad Travel Card?

Unimoni’s Study Abroad Travel Card is available in ten currencies: USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, AUD, CHF, SGD, AED, THB and JPY; with recognition in numerous countries, Study Abroad Travel Card helps students to fulfil their day-to-day needs with ease. You can avail emergency cash facility in case of loss, theft, or malfunction. Additionally, you can benefit from instant reloads to withdraw cash in a foreign land when your parent pays for the reload in India. An added advantage is the ability to lock in the exchange rate, which protects you from rate fluctuations, usually standing at the rate on the day the Card was issued.

Key features of Unimoni’s Study Abroad Travel Card are:

1.Free ATM Withdrawal

  • One Free ATM Withdrawal Every Month
  • Standard ATM Withdrawal Charges apply after that

2. Free Global SIM Card

  • SIM Card with Free Calling & Data for One Month
  • Valid in USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France & Australia
  • Redeem the Voucher in the Welcome Kit to avail the Offer
  • SIM Card Delivery required 7 Working Days
  • Delivery Fee Rs 100 200 will be applicable

3.Free airport Lounge Access

  • One Complementary Lounge Access across International Airports in India
  • A minimum Load of USD 3,000 equivalent needs to be done to avail of the Offer

4.Free International Student Identity Card

  • Internationally recognized way to prove official student status
  • It can be used for discounts in India & abroad (almost 130 countries)

5. Reduced CoC Fee

  • Cash over the Counter
  • 0.50% of the Transaction Value
  • Daily Limit USD 15,000 equivalent

6. Free Insurance against Fraudulent Usage

  • Insurance upto USD 10,000
  • Against Fraudulent Usage

7.Emergency Cash Assistance Facility

  • Upto USD 500 per Day

Other Key Benefits of a Student Travel Card

Unimoni’s Forex Cards can be availed with no issuance, annual, or replacement fees. Here are some other key advantages of using Unimoni’s Study Abroad Forex Card that you should be aware of:


Forex cards offer a more secure option than cash; they can be easily replaced if stolen or lost and can be blocked instantly. For students living outside their home country, managing finances can be challenging. Getting a local credit card or opening a bank account may be difficult, so Forex cards are a great alternative. Unimoni’s Study Abroad Forex Card is a reliable and secure option that protects against inflated currency conversion charges. The Card is PIN protected and not linked to your bank account, ensuring that your account remains safe. With Unimoni’s Study Abroad Forex Card, students can set their spending limits and receive real-time transactional alerts via SMS and email.

The Card can be easily managed online. You can block/unblock the Card and switch on/off the payment channels like ATM, POS, Contactless & e-Com. You also can update the limit of each track on your own. PIN change, balance enquiry, download statement, etc., also can be done using the portal or app.


Did you know Forex cards work like credit or debit cards and can be used at ATMs and merchant outlets for making payments?

They’re an ideal solution for students who want to travel abroad without carrying large amounts of cash. Forex cards let you make purchases or withdraw money from ATMs in the local currency of the country you’re visiting without constantly converting your home currency. If you’re a study abroad aspirant, Unimoni can help you get a student travel card to handle all your expenses safely. Our Study Abroad Forex Card offers secure payment and a free replacement if your Card is lost or stolen. It’s quick and easy to purchase and reload, and there’s no surcharge at ATMs across the AllPoint Network.

Better Exchange Rate

Forex cards are a popular and convenient option for international students. Compared to other options, such as currency notes or credit cards, forex cards offer the best exchange rate. Additionally, forex cards often have lower fees when compared to other methods of carrying foreign currency, such as currency exchange or credit card fees. It makes Forex cards cost-effective and convenient. With Unimoni, you can get better exchange rates and the Study Abroad Forex Card that allows you to load funds in advance and lock in your conversion rate. It means you can buy foreign currency at the current exchange rate and use it later, even if it has changed. Therefore, you can avoid the risk of currency fluctuations and ensure you get the best possible exchange rate. At Unimoni, foreign exchange can be purchased in multiple forms, including Currency Notes, One-Currency Card, and MultiCurrency Card.


Unimoni’s Study Abraod Forex Card
allows you to load a specific amount of foreign currency, which can help you efficiently budget. Compared to other options like currency notes or credit cards, forex cards typically offer better exchange rates. It means you can get more foreign currency for your money, which can help you stretch your budget further. At Unimoni, we offer a travel card designed for students studying abroad- Study Abroad Forex Card. Our Forex card has more favourable exchange rates, lower fees, and accessible budget-tracking features. With our Card, you can easily manage your finances and stay on budget abroad. You can check your balance and statement, change your PIN, and block your Card using our website or mobile app.

Enjoy your study abroad experience and access the benefits offered to students using Unimoni’s Study Abroad Forex Card!

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* Terms & conditions apply. Study Abroad Forex Card approvals are at the sole discretion of Unimoni.

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